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Eeveelution Charms Shipping / Plush Auctions / Updates :D

The charms have arrived ~
chypiezeldana [info]sanatonya [info]ladylale     

There are two shipping options :)
*Shipping in a letter,it will come wrapped in a piece of paper to prevent it from falling out.
US : 2.30     INT : 3.43  (Shipping this way there is a possibility of refund,it just depends if I get one of the post workers that charges me the correct letter with a bulk item or the majority that charge it as package >:x )
*I can ship in a package using paypal with free tracking :) ( This doesn't pertain to International because paypal only ships priority)
US: 2.06     INT : 3.43
~[info]bellyofthewolf you owe nothing since I'm shipping with your snivy :3.
~poke_zula 4.24 in a letter or 3.81 in a package.

Please send payment to sockmehard(at) with your username in the Title :).

Now I bring you some auctions <3.

Auctions end May 3rd 2010 at 5:30 PM PST ( 17:30 )
*I Ship from California
*All Community Rules Apply ( Bids 5 minutes before ending add another 5 minutes to the auction end )
*Payment will be required within 3 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you buy and don't pay.
* Please bid in increments of 1.00
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*Regular Sales -
*Feedback -
*Wishlist -
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

2009 Pokemon Center Japanese Lugia Doll - Starts at 30.00
*Perfect condition with both tags.

2009 US Minky Shaymin Pokedoll - Starts at 15.00
*Perfect condition with both tags.

Play by Play Eevee - Starts at 10.00
*Almost Perfect condition with both tags.
*There are faint scratches on the eyes.

Unknown Beanie Lugia - Starts at 5.00
*Good condition with no tags
*I'm guessing Hasbro

Play by Play Bulbasaur - Starts at 5.00
*Good Condition with tush tag only.

Jakks 2009 Ralts plush - Starts at 5.00
*Perfect condition with both tags.

Turtwig shirt from the pokemon center - Starts at 5.00
*Seems to be in a good shape.
*Most likely worn.
*To me these seem toddler sized but I'm not completely sure.
*Would probably look great framed as long as you don't fold it like I did XD.

Did someone say battle t-shirt - Starts at 3.00
*Seems to be in a good shape with some wrinkles.
*Most likely worn.
*To me these seem toddler sized but I'm not completely sure.
*Would probably look great framed as long as you don't fold it like I did XD.

Hasbro Chikorita beanie - Starts at 2.00
*In good condition with no tags.
*Leaf is detached from back of head.

Little eyes..


So cute and sexy <3.

I thought it was a cute fuzzy plush but nooope its a cute fuzzy backpack <3.

Their tails are detached from the top of their back :<.

The pikachu on the wrapping is too cute not to keep.

My mom talked me into keeping the bag.

-foams at the mouth and dies-

-dead- Now if only I could find the newer set of Pikachu charms for a good price XD.

I want to tape this to my closet door and write under YOU WILL WORK TO FIT THIS!!!

aggh I was so excited to find a lot with these <333.

Cute bouncy ball Charizard from GA <3.

I can't comprehend this

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