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Hopeful Sales

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 12/9/10
Link to community feedback here

A few things to note:
- All items come from a very pet friendly home (aka - cat who gets into everything).
- Paypal only
- I ship from Illinois
- No international buyers please. I don't want to deal with figuring that out now. Sorry. ^^
- Will combine shipping if you buy more than one thing.
- Buyer to pay shipping costs & any paypal fees.
- I'm open to offers on everything except the Pokedolls. ^^

Trying this sales post again because I desperately need the money for bills. x.x; Apparently my math skills suck more than I thought. >>:
Mix of stuff weeded from my collection and things I've picked up randomly over the years. ^^

Picked these up when I went to Epcot a year/something ago. Excellent condition since I've kept them in a bag since I got them.
They're not too steady on their feet, which seems to be a common flaw with pokedolls. That's why they're all sitting on their butts. No other flaws I can see. These are both minky with tags. I'll be shipping these in bubble mailers. If you wanted a box, it would be extra, so that can be discussed.

Suicune, Raikou - $27 each or both for $50 (includes shipping & fees)

I also picked up these figures when I was Epcot and totally forgot I even had them. XD

Luxio & Jolteon - $10 each

Hasbro Charizard Plush - $5

Charmander Magnet - $2

Gold Charizard Card Pokeboll - $10 - I believe this was given out from BK years ago? I'm not entirely sure.

Ho-Oh & Lugia Promo Figures - $10 each? - HeartGold & SoulSilver promo figures that were given out with preorders of the games.

Ho-Oh/Lugia Promo Shirt Child's Size L - $10 - Never Worn - Promo given out only by Toys-r-us for the HeartGold/SoulSilver Release. SOLD

Box of Topps/Merlin Stickers (99 packs unopened/1 Pack opened & 1 sticker missing) - $1 per pack or $30 for the box (Selling the whole box at once is preferred) - The box is a bit worse for wear, but all the packs are there, minus the one I opened and removed 1 sticker from. Each pack has 6 stickers. SOLD

Spheal to Pokeball plush - $15 - Got this during a GA a few years ago. Wasn't the plush I was expecting, but still cute. I don't collect Spheal anymore so  I'm looking for a more appreciative home for it. SOLD

Zorua/Zoroark Zukan - $10 - Still sealed in the plastic.

Pikachu/Celebi/Piplup Forest/Tree Zukan - $10 - Still sealed in the bag.

And lastly, I have some random figures that I found in a bag when I was unpacking. Lol.
- Assorted figures - $1.50 each or best offer - They all have Tomy - China stamped on the back of them, so  I'm guessing they're official, but I could be wrong. Lol.
- Red Gameboy - $1 - Shoots a red ball when the 'screen' is pressed and has a compartment that opens up where the buttons are. Says BattPoke on the 'screen' and Tomy on the back.
- BK Nidoran shooter - $2 - includes the shooter base (curently not pictured)
- Electronic Charmander - $10/Best Offer - Stuck batteries in this and it does make noise. It says Arrrrr! (though I'm guessing it was supposed to be Char!) and the tail lights up. It has some paint scuffing on the front of tail, but it's mostly only noticeable when it's lit up. Shipping might be a bit pricey since it's awkwardly shaped and I'll have to wrap it carefully so it doesn't break.

Sold - Poli Line & Exeggcute.
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