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Mini Weeding Sales + Wants/Trade?

For all you students ;w; good lucky on finals that are up and coming! Can't believe it's already almost May. Anyways though I come with a little collection weeding. 

Also I do have some a want (I do know there are places that sell these but want to ask the community) 
- Pokemon Dot Figures (At least with the box/in good condition) 

Sales preview (really these and a eevee zukan under the cut) 

Rules + Information
Photobucket Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by [info]denkimouse . and here is My feedback Post and PKM feedback
Photobucket I ship from the US, but do ship internationally ! S&H Fees are not included in the prices
Photobucket There is no insurance/delivery confrmation - please let me know if you would like this! 
Photobucket All community rules apply. So if you backout, I will give you negative feedback.
PhotobucketSerious bidders and buyers ONLY (If you're just looking for a quote let me know). I expect payment within 72 hours after I have given you your final total.
PhotobucketI reserve the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback.

All Plushes are in like new condition otherwise stated

Emolga MPC - NWT - $12
Emolga Banpresto - NWT - $7
Piplup Banpresto - With tag but tag has creases - $14
Mareep Friends Plush - Loved - $8
Seel Applause KFC w/creased tag *Note that this is pretty much like new but it has marker stains from storage ><* - $5
Dratini Applause KFC NWT - $11

Leafeon/Glaceon/Eevee Zukan - $20

Tags: dratini, eevee, emolga, glaceon, leafeon, mareep, sales, seel
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