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Get! And Pokedoll tags question!

I finally got a Drifloon canvas! I got it off eBay for a great price and the seller was AMAZING with packaging it! It is so much cuter in person XD I was surprised too cause I used to own a Jakks Drifloon plush and the quality is not too far from the canvas.

I also have a question for you hard core MWT enthusiasts! Where can you find top loaders to protect the tags? The normal ones I have aren't quite wide enough to fit a Pokedoll tag through (the spikey blue and red versions) what do you do about the ridiculously long Pikachu Pokedoll tags? I also collect MPC and Canvas plush but those are much sturdier so I don't think protection is needed. It has been bothering for a while that my tags are just in protected hanging from my plush, someone please help me out T-T

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