Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Very rare to behold MOD NEWS!

First, our longtime mod dakajojo has decided to step down from the position, due to feeling he is no longer able to contribute the time the fast-moving community deserves. He has been a wonderful mod for quite a long time now and I am sad to see him go. Please give your well wishes to him!

As I just modded three new mods a few months ago I am not sure I am looking for a replacement ASAP, but I will begin considering folks for the job anyway :D

Second, if you have had any correspondence slow down somewhat with entirelycliched this past week, there is perfectly reasonable explanation: her healthy baby boy was born on April 24th, weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz. He already had a plethora of babbysafe PokeToys waiting for him at home ... that means, GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST AND YOUNGEST PKMNCOLLECTOR!

Last, I, your terrifying and unmerciful overlord, direct all ya'll to look at this really awesome shirt I just got in the mail. It brings a tear to one's eye!!

Thanks comrades!
Tags: modpost
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