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Afro's Updates! "A wild Grail appears"

Hey guys, its time for Afrokid001's First update of the month!! Wooo!

Last month was hectic, I had mail finally arriving from all over the globe all at once, it was like christmas all over again!
In all of the excitement i had forgotten to post what i was getting when i got them so here i am, bringing you another large collection update!

In summary, what i had gotten in the end of last month was, The last of my Pokemon Center Game Boy Colors, More pokemon hand helds and my holiest of grails! and a few other various items!

More information under the Cut!

Ok, time to get straight into it!

The first item i will show tonight is my Australian Version of Pokemon Leaf Grean. This is harder to get hold of then you would think. There are that many Bootlegs out there these days.

The Next item i shall show came to me all the way from Poland!
My Boxed Pokemon Special Edition Game Boy Color (Featuring Pikachu and Pichu).

I have been after one of these in the box for ages. It looks good sitting on the shelf with its Home-Made counterparts. 

Next is the last of the Pokemon Center Japan Game Boy Colors, The "Third Anniversary Kanto Starter Version"

I absolutely love the bright orange on this gameboy, its almost fluorescent if held in the right light. I also love how they put the power light in charmanders tail flame!

Now for just a quick photo of my Gameboy Collection. 

The next item came from Turkey, a Boxed Pokemon Mini Chikorita Version. It came with a whole bunch of lose games but i already had them in the box
so i chucked them on eBay a week or so ago. Although they didn't sell, only 20 page views?.. More people must learn about
these beauties! They are so much fun to play on the go.

I also finally got my hands on an Ash's Talking Pokedex by Hasbro. This is a cool little device (for those who don't know about it) It uses ThinkChip technology
and levels up your ThinkChip Pokemon's health points. It tests your knowledge on Type advantages and Disadvantages, It gets quite hard when it gets to level 3 and gets quicker.

Along with the above Pokedex i got the Pokemon Battle Stadium.. Now for someone who LOVES the games. THIS ITEM IS AWESOME.. i recommend it to everyone!  
It's just like having your own pokemon battle. I will (hopefully) be posting a battle against myself tomorrow on how it works. So stay tuned.

Last but not least is the one i you have all been waiting for!
My Grail !!

After being told about it a few years ago, i have made it my quest to hunt down and find myself a Tomy "Zukan" Pokemon Johto Pokedex
(better then the dodgy gold one made by Tiger_ that goes for $100's on eBay for some reason). I brought it being told that it was not working, when it got here, i opened the battery bay and boy was there corrosion..
The batteries must of been in there for years and they had leaked all over the place.
After taking them out, giving it a clean up and putting in nice fresh new AAA's to my surprise it turned on.

After spending about 20 mins working out it was asking for my name, birthday and today's time and date (i cannot read Japanese) i got into the main Pokedex and it started saying the Japanese names for the Pokemon.
It's just awesome. Anyway, without further A-do here she is!


Open at Pidgey

I am soo happy that i now have this in my collection. Now it is almost complete, i just need the Original Japanese Tomy Pokedex.
The Diamon and Pearl Double screened and a few other Japanese Tomy versions of ones i already have.

And to finish off, here is a picture of my Pokedex Collection up till now.

P.S: I am now starting to collect all Pokemon Zukans. although i am on a budget, if you have any for sale, dont be afraid to offer them to me at your asking price (and let me know if i can haggle).
Also would be awesome if you have more the one zukan for sale (saves spending so much on postage).

 Until next time!
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