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Hello friends!! I want to thank everyone for what a wonderful time I've had since I've come back here ♡
This is the best community ever!!

So I was keeping only a very distant watch when the Pokemon Time merch came out and I did not know about the mouse. I found out about it just the other day and I had to have it (and a complementing mousepad). And I just got the package (thanks to Pokevault)!


But I didn't find very much info on it at all in Google before I bought it, so I wanted to post some pix -- but maybe there is already a review here and it wasn't spidered or I just didn't see it! So I apologize for potential duplicate info but hopefully someone will find it helpful or interesting. ^^;

So the mouse is very pretty but the plastic seems rather thin. ^^; I really hope this will last a long time if I take good care of it, but it's honestly the most delicate mouse I've ever held. But considering the low retail cost and the fact that it is a novelty mouse, I'm not very surprised at the quality. The cord is suuuper thin as well and I think it would be very easy to break it by being rough at all, like tugging it to untangle it from other cords. This mouse is to be handled with care!


Here it is in its dormant state -- it actually is glowing very slightly. ^^;


And here it is with FULL GLOW POWER. (Sorry my hands are so gross lmao)


Here it is in my hand -- now uhm, I've been told I have rather large hands. ^^; But they're not... absurdly large... in relation to my arms, or anything. xD


In comparison to my other mouse! (Sorry, I really should have cleaned it first :6)


And probably the only terrible thing about it for me is the length of the cord. I have a big MacBook Pro and you can see here it will NOT be usable without an extension cord or hub unless I put it on top of the computer!! I miss my last MacBook because it had USB ports on both sides and this wouldn't have been a problem, but the damn 2010 models (and probably later ones I guess) only have them on the left. Argh! Well, left handed people and people with different computers will be pleased ^_^;

The mouse fits rather comfortably in my hand -- it definitely could be bigger (since I have MONSTER HANDS), but I don't feel myself contorting my fingers to use it or anything. The scroll wheel rolls really smoothly and nicely with a verrry low clicking sound. Speaking of clicking though, oh boy, this thing's buttons make a SHARP noise when clicked. Very high pitched... kinda reminds me of glasses clinking. ^^;; Not the best sound. I'm hoping it'll wear down the more I use it... maybe ^^;;

All in all, this is a seemingly quite usable piece of Hoenn cuteness. OH, I forgot to take a pic of the bottom, whoops....


The cord wraps around and the USB plug stores in that slot there. It's nice. It'd be really portable if I didn't need an extension cord. :D Also, to be honest, this thing seems so fragile that I for sure wouldn't want to take it on a trip without keeping a ton of padding around it during travel.

As for the mousepad, at first I was like "omgwtf FLIMSY" but the texture is very good and the print is, of course, lovely. ^_^; It honestly does have the thickness of a shitajiki but as long as it's treated with care I imagine it will last many moons. Possibly longer than the mouse. HA.

This was really a fun purchase and I'm looking forward to life with my new computer peripheral. :D
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