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Wants (mostly TCG) for Trades

Hi, Everyone!

This is basically the same as the last two times I've posted. I wasn't going to do this for awhile but I noticed I have some ebay bucks that are expiring tomorrow. I'm debating on what to spend that on, so I'd like to see if I could trade for any of my wants here before deciding on ebay items.

First: I had a REALLY rough week last week. Final projects. Putting my 13 year old dog to sleep then rushing to a competition the same night. I won't ramble, but it was rough. I'm just now trying to get back into reality after the weekend. I think I have replied to everyone that was waiting, but, if I missed something, please let me know. Thanks.


I'm looking to trade for the following items (hopefully in English though will probably consider other languages). Please let me know if you have any of these in M/NM condition for trade. And, if you have a wants list that would be helpful. I only really have cards to trade (Topps or TCG). I also have a few old school tomys and a new Jakks Snivy Figure. And...I think that's about it. Just a warning, I don't have many Rarer than Holo Rare cards anymore but I'm willing to trade multiple cards to make up price differences.

Now Available: Regigigas EX (non-full art) from Next Destinies, Shining Celebi from Neo Destiny, and Heatran Lv X from Stormfront.


Non TCG:

NOTE: I am looking for the multi-colored one...not the pink coin pictured above. The image I have of the multi-colored version isn't loading and I couldn't find another one to use from google.

Last Southern Island postcard I need.

Looking for the Pachirisu figure and card.

Just the figure...I already have the card that goes with it.

Empty with no cards inside.

Also, feel free to link me to any Houndoom/dour merchandise you have for sale/trade. Thanks.

Note: Images borrowed from bulbapedia. If the cards are in a Japanese or 1st edition...ignore that. Just using these for a ref for the image on the card.

- I am also looking for any Houndoom/Houndour cards in other languages (even if not listed here). I have a handful in Japanese and German. I'm about to be getting a French Houndoom and might be getting Spanish Houndoom/dour soon.
- Also looking for Reverse Holo even if not listed below. I have a few RH Houndours but not many RH Houndooms (except for the most recent two)

Prerelease only


To replace my non-mint one

This Image didn't want to load so you get link! :D

To replace non-mint one

might be getting in trade

Might be getting in trade

This Image didn't want to load so you get link! :D
Holo - only English Houndour I'm missing (not including RH ones and the two below I have in RH and not non-RH).

To replace non-mint one


This Image didn't want to load so you get link! :D

Only English Vulpix I'm missing (I think) -

Shining Vulpix Link because pic didn't want to load O:

Only English Victini I'm missing (I think...besides Victory Cup cards) -

Prerelease Only

Growlithe and Arcanine from Squirtle deck -

Not Going to Find this one but -


Top Half of Lugia Legend might be getting in a trade (this one I'm pretty sure I'm getting)

These I was going to be getting a trade but the person kept disappearing and it's been a month since I last heard from them...so I'm giving up

Rocket's Persian EX - might be getting in trade (different trade than mentioned above)

Mightyena EX

English McD Promos:
Maractus - might be getting in trade

I'm also looking for any Unown H. I think that's the only letter I'm missing now.

Does anyone have any of the cards from this set for sale/trade? I just found out about it and am debating buying a box.

Also feel free to show me your Eeveelution, Poochyena line, Growlithe line, Meowth line, and Gastly line cards that are available for trade. I need too many of those to list. Though, I'm only missing a handful of Eevees...maybe only one or two. And I think I'm only missing these two Meowth - http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:MeowthEXTeamMagmavsTeamAqua42.jpg and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Meowth_%28Skyridge_78%29

Would anyone be interested in a possible booster wrapper trade? I'd also be willing to trade un/common cards for wrappers. I'd be looking for ones where the front of the wrapper is in mint condition. I'd also be interested in getting foreign language wrappers. I have a few Korean and Japanese ones already.

~ Risha
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