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Hi Pkmncollectors~! <3

It's me again
oh my god I'm starting to feel like one of those people mentioned in the sales permission rules that posts everyday just to get sales permission.... I swear I'm not >3<
at least I'm not breaking the rules and posting more then once a day

Anyway..... I just thought I'd let you know that I'm pretty sure I have an idea of what my main collection is gonna be~ I've actually been thinking about this for a few days and I finally decided on what my main interests are, and it's be awesome if you could help me out~! 

Well I decided I'm gonna try and collect all the horse pokemon.... like Ponyta, Rapidash, Blitzle, Zebstrika, and Keldeo, since I'm such a big horse person outside of pokemon (I even have my own pony), and I love these 5 so much >3< 
I'm still gonna collect other things here and there.... like my major wants(suicune stuff, Cobalian Pokedoll, arcanine/growlithe charms).... but I'll be focusing on these guys~! <3 Thanks for all you guys trying to help with my other wants btw >3< but now it's time to focus on these guys!!!!

I have a small collection of these guys so far if you wanna look~! You've probably seen some of it in my other post.... but I put them all together for convenience 8D

It's really small xD ahahahaha but I'm hoping it will grow soon~!
I actually have the Keldeo Pokemon Center plush and the GenV Tomy MC Keldeo figure ordered~! <3 I can't wait to get them aksjdf;aksdfj

My collection will probably grow slowly considering I don't really have a great source of income (I can't get a job because school and my pony takes up most of my time >.>) But I will try and update this collection as much as I can 8D

so yeah... there's my spam for the day..... I'm pretty sure my posts will die down now until something major happens
(Like I get my Keldeo merch xD) I don't wanna annoy you guys to much
Tags: blitzle, collection, ponyta, rapidash, zebstrika
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