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omgz snakez update!

Oh man pkmncollectors, it's been too long. Since my 2 year anniversary was back in March, might as well do a small re-intro.

My name is Mar, and my main collections are Arbok, Ekans, and Seviper. I side collect Weepinbell, Drifblim, Drifloon, and Serperior. I tried to make it a habit to collect all the Poke-snakes, but post graduation life has been super super hectic, so I just concentrate on Arbok [since he's my all time favorite] and Seviper. 

I've been thinking about pkmncollectors a lot lately, it made me sad that I haven't been able to be really active, so I really made an effort to take some photos today and do an update. I currently work two jobs, seven days a week, so when I'm not working, I'm usually sleeping or trying to be somewhat social, haha. So it's been a little hard trying to find time to make an update, but I'm so happy I finally made time! I do browse the community and skim posts daily, and browse eBay for items, so I try not to stray too far away from Pokemon x)

First up are some things that I found that I didn't expect to find, haha

Shirts with Arbok on it!

I was pretty excited, but skeptical when I found this one at first, because I've never seen nor heard of an Arbok shirt ever. I didn't know if they made bootleg shirts or what, but I went ahead and took a risk since it was so cheap. 

However, when it arrived to me, I checked out the tags:

And they seemed pretty legit to me! And if not, then someone went through a lot of trouble to make me happy or something, haha. Either way, I was happy when I received the shirt, and I plan to buy another one to actually wear!

This one I found by accident [aren't those always the best finds?] When I first started collecting, I swore to myself to just buy merch with ONLY Arbok on it. No one else. However, seeing this shirt, and seeing how Arbok is not featured on a lot of merch, I caved in. Not only is he in the center of the shirt, there's a bunch of other poison Pokes on there that I like! Also, you gotta love Nidoking's purple eyes. 

This one is actually quite silly. When someone was selling this here, I had no idea what it was. Just a random cloth thing. After some later research I found out it was a marble mat. Now, you heard what I said earlier about buying things that feature Arbok and other Pokemon. Well....

This marble mat has two Arbok silhouettes. TWO. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but I looked long and hard at this before I bought it to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. And yes, there were two Arbok silhouettes, and the only Pokemon on this mat to have two silhouettes of them. Someone out there thought Arbok was special enough to be featured twice on here. I will never know why, but I don't care. I know, I'm freaking crazy.

THIS. OMG THIS. This thing is pretty special. Human metal figures are pretty darn rare, and Arbok was lucky enough to be featured with Jessie in the set of human metal figures. It's truly a beautiful figure; after I got the package for this guy, I spent a good 15 minutes just staring at how intricate the details were. It cost me a pretty penny, but it was sure worth it. Who knows when's the next time I'll come across another color variation, but I'm super happy to have this one in my collection. 

Hahaha, oh, the Pokeman pins. I actually received this pin a few months ago, but never featured it in an update. I remember seeing these before I even became active in the community, and remember thinking OMG I MUST HAVE ONE. Now I have my own pretty Pokeman Arbok with a creepy Ronald McDonald. 

Arbok kandi! One of my good friends [who's a raver] made me this as a Christmas present. I've never been to a rave or anything, but if I ever did, you know I'll be sporting this awesome kandi on my wrist. She spent a lot of time getting all of Arbok's details, and I love it oh so dearly. 

You know I love me some rainbow snakes. Especially that clear green one. These are the most recent ones I've received, but I gotta step my game up. I want to be swimming in a sea of these guys >:D

Of course with all the charm craziness that happened, I had to get me the Ekans and Arbok ones. I had a feeling in my gut that their poses wouldn't change, but I don't care; any new snake merch is awesome snake merch to me! 

Here's a comparison of the two. The poses didn't change, but the background art did! Har har. The happiest of happy snake charms.

This was a pretty interesting item. There was an auction awhile ago for some "Funskool" cards; and although they looked bootleg, apparently they were legit? [someone correct me if I'm wrong, the auction was so long ago xD] I could've sworn I read something about how the company was legit or something. Anyways! I snagged up this Arbok card because it looked like a cool card thingy. And indeed it is! That back to the card is incredibly gnarly.

Another cool card thingy! It's a little holo card that has Ekans and Arbok on it. It's from a Pokemon Snap book or something. I won this in an auction, and the seller had a bunch of other neato Pokemon holo things. Quite snazzy!

These little snakeys are window clings! Don't know where they came from, but I really love how dynamic their poses are. I bought them from different sellers too, which I thought was pretty interesting. It's also pretty funny how I used to be so "anti-flats merch", but now I'm just loading up on the flat merch. These things are amongst my favorites in terms of flats. 

A lunch box! With an Ekans on it! caffwin actually pointed it out to me, and I had to have it because I love the most obscure merch. 

I recently just got this one; an Ekans dog tag. I believe most of the dog tags in this set were from 3rd gen. I knew an Ekans existed, but I always hardest time finding it. There was a GA for these cool dog tags not too long ago, and I won the Ekans one! Wooooo! I wonder if there's an Arbok one....

This is one of those things that you didn't know existed at all, but when you find out it does, you are like LKAJSFLKADSJ COOL! MUST HAVE! I know that sounds silly to apply to this because it's a tiny little book, but any time I discover 151 merch that's unheard of, I get really excited because that means my hunt to complete my collections continues. usakochan came across these little "mini-books",  and had lots of a bunch of other 151 Pokes. There wasn't an Arbok, but I'm pretty sure one is out there!

Here's the inside. Seems a little absurd to write so tiny in these books, and I wouldn't know for what, but little things are cute, and I love this little book. 

My dearest Seviper, you know I wouldn't forget to include you in an update. I know I haven't shown this snakey much love recently, but here's his debut on a charm! I'm very glad it's not his generic Seviper pose. Hopefully he will be featured on more charms! *cough*if they remake r/s/e*cough*

Ah! This handkerchief! There's an interesting story behind this one. I used to see this in someone's sales post all the time about 6 months to a year ago [I can't remember who], and every time I saw it, I would think to myself "Eh, I'll buy it later". Well, later never came, and about a month and a half ago, I thought about this handkerchief, and wanted it like burning. Since I couldn't remember who sold it, I browsed through about 100+ community pages, looking through bucketfuls of sales posts, just to find this cloth. After about 3 hours or so, I decided to give up. I then turned to eBay, which wasn't my first choice, but I thought to myself, "Watch me search 'Pokemon Handkerchief' and find it within five minutes." And guess what? That's precisely what happened.

I know that's not the COOLEST story ever, but I thought it was rather amusing. Although it seems like so much trouble for a little cloth, it was so worth it. 

I couldn't stop thinking about that blue 'viper. It's so adorable <3 And I'm so glad to finally own this blue 'viper cloth. 

Couldn't forget the Weeps. How could I? I finally obtained the metal coin, and another mini model. Always on the lookout for more of those! Also, new Pokecen charms. Yay!

The floons also made their debut with this set of charms! I remember pondering in my head if these guys would transfer well into charm form. And thankfully they do! They are the cutest little balloon charms ever. Especially that blim face, dawww &hearts;

I surprisingly have some non-main collection gets. I normally don't go out of my way to get other Pokemon merch other than my mains, but you know, I have weak will power when it comes to cool/cute Pokemon things. 

Like these, ahhhh! Wailord slippers! The past year or so, I've slowly started becoming attached to this big whale, and I've made an effort to obtain his cute cuddly plush. [I blame the Pokedoll, curse you! haha]. As you can tell, these things are literally the size of my head, and I love it, haha

They're mainly for display, but I HAD to try them on after I got them. I couldn't stop laughing, I was laughing the entire time I put them on, I could barely stand straight. They were just huge fat whales on my feet, and it was the funniest thing ever to me. If they weren't so rare, I would probably wear them 24/7. But I'm afraid that I'd ruin them, so on display they shall remain. 

Here you go fat whales, you can keep the airgurumi floon company <3

This was kind of an impulsive purchase, but a good one at that! Although Arbok, Ekans, and Weepinbell are my all time favorite 151 Pokemon, I actually love all of the 151 Pokemon as a whole. I think it's safe to say Gen 1 is my favorite generation. Everything about Gen 1 is very nostalgic to me, and that's probably why I love them. It seems like I've had a trend of buying a lot of cloth-y, non-plush merch, haha. I mainly bought this cloth because I love how it was designed. Plus, who doesn't love Porygon? I literally took this out of the package before taking this photo, and I plan to display this cloth in my future cubicle at my future job ;D

I rearranged my shelves finally; I made it more organized so it wasn't as cluttered. I forgot to take a photo of what it looks like as a whole, but here's what they look like shelf by shelf [top to bottom]:

I think that's it in terms of the update! Here are some quick wants:

Clear Arbok Kid. TOP WANT!!!!!!
I will seriously buy this for an arm and leg. I've wanted this for so long it's not even funny. 

Arbok Seal Book.
It's a small plastic hollow book that comes with stickers. Quite rare, would pay handsomely for this.

Japanese Seviper figure.
Don't quite know what this one is called exactly, I want to say it was a japanese v-trainer of some sorts, but I'm not entirely sure. 

Metal Seviper figures
Never seen these for sale! Would love to add these cool shiny guys to my growing army of metal snakes

Ekans Gameboy Cartridge 
Didn't even know one existed, but I would absolutely love one! If there's an Arbok out there as well, that would be awesome. 

Japanese Foil Card featuring Ekans
Not sure what brand this is, but I was very smitten with this card. I lost it in an eBay auction and apparently it's rare? Not too sure about the rarity, but any whereabouts would be awesome!

Sandwich Keeper featuring Ekans
Because where else would I put my delicious sandwiches?

Ekans/Arbok Tazo(?) cards

Ekans Santizo Card [and if an Arbok one exists, Arbok too]

Other wants include:
- Ekans/Arbok metal figures [would love more colored ones, but definitely want all kinds!]
- Ekans/Arbok mini models
- Ekans metal silver coin(s)
- Ekans Pokemon 2000 pin

That's all for now! Thank you so much for reading!

Tags: arbok, drifloon, ekans, seviper
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