solar_sceptile (solar_sceptile) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a Scetile plush...but!

Hello everyone!

Sorry about my lack of posting, I'm looking everywhere for a Sceptile plush..but whenever I find one they can't hold it for me,
Why did Holland never sell Sceptile plushies? the thing is I saved money for an Anime convention next week I think no-one really want to sell there Sceptile plush since its really rare right? If I just could find someone who can hold on for a Sceptile untill 2 weeks (argh..why is Sceptile taunting me?)  wish I was rich or something hehe..
If someone ever got a spare Sceptile hanging around, I would love to take it over!

( If this post is like against the rules or anything, tell me I can remove it :) )
Tags: plush, sceptile
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