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Con Gets! Also, Leftover Sales!

I'm back and fully recovered from my weekend at Anime Central! I have some Victini con gets to show you guys, and some leftover items that I didn't sell out of in the Artist's Alley. I'm not ready to post about custom amigurumi yet, but hopefully I will make that post this week. I really would like to get these guys to a good home first.

First up are my leftovers:

Slowpoke - $14  ~  Tepig - $14  ~  Snivy - $14  ~  Pokéball - $15

I only have one of each Pokemon left, and I have about 10 Pokéballs.

Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11  ~  Here is my feedback

  • I only accept PayPal
  • If paying with an e-check your item will not ship until the check has cleared
  • I will only sell to members in [info]pkmncollectors (no banned users allowed)
  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply
  • Prices shown do not include shipping or PayPal fees
  • Ask for a quote in the comments below if you are interested in an item
  • If you do not respond to a quote or pay within 24 hrs your items will go to the next person
  • Prices are firm at this time
  • I will NOT hold any items
  • Strike-through means the item is SOLD!
Shipping Info:
  • Shipping for packages starts at $2 for US and $3.50 for international
  • Delivery Confirmation is included for all packages shipped in the US
  • I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages
  • I live in the USA and ship from Illinois
  • I usually ship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • INTERNATIONAL - I will NOT mark as "gift" this is illegal
  • Customs forms will be marked "Merchadise"
  • The total amount you paid(excluding shipping) will also be marked on the form
  • You are responsible for paying any customs/duties/taxes/tariffs

Oh look! Victini gets! Yay! Do I even have room for more? ;__;

Starting on the left we have a very small MPC oops it is just a mini Banpresto! In the middle is the Takara Tomy talking Victini(which is embarrassingly high pitched). The little guy is actually a Banpresto key chain(removed) I've never seen before, so I had to get it! Finally on the right is a custom foam pin I got from someone in the Artist's Alley. I commissioned it ahead of time, and picked it up from her at the con. It is so cute!
Tags: collection, sales, slowpoke, snivy, tepig
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