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Possible Pickups, Questions and Trades

Howdy, yall!

I am getting really into dessert decoration and the like. I have made Happy Potter cakes, My Little Pony Cupcakes and more. I was visiting a kitchen supply store, browsing their decorating aisle, always an eye out for Pokemon stuff, when I found these!

Sinnoh starter cake toppers! I've never seen figures like them before, so they do look like unique cake toppers. I didn't buy any myself since none of my friends are big Sinnoh fans, but I would be willing to do pick-ups if anyone was interested! You can see the price in the picture, but that's in Canadian dollars, and I'd be charging commission since the store isn't nearby.

My sales permission comes from being grandfathered in.

Sinnoh poster photo Dansposter.jpg
Does anybody know what this poster is from? A friend gave it to me during an anime convention since he knows I like Pokemon. Would anyone be interested in it?

pencil boards back photo UnknownBoards2.jpgpencil boards front photo UnknownBoards1.jpg
Does anyone know anything about these pencil boards? Also given by a friend, and again, I'd be happy to sell 'em.

Unova ear buds
Has anyone else seen these? A member found these in the books section of a Toronto Wal*Mart and I haven't found them yet! Has anyone else had any luck?

I also have some other quick questions for potential wants/trades! I'd especially like to know about prices - the cheaper, the better! I will try to get a sales post up soon as well!

-Does anyone have a cheap Glameow Halloween plush they might be willing to sell? This is the only Glameow plush my friend is missing!

-Would anyone be willing to trade a Ho-Oh HG/SS pre-release figure for the Reshiram bottlecap figure?

-Even more of a long shot, but would anyone want to trade their Scyther TFG for my Dratini and/or Chimchar TFG?

You can also view my Wishlist here!

And to make this post less boring, here and the Pokemon cupcakes I made for my friend of his top favourite Pokemon! Can you guess 'em all? :D


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