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Entei Collection Update! + Storage Question (Image Heavy!)

Hey Everyone~ I have finally received ALL the Entei stuff I have ordered during my first few weeks of being in the com~ I'd like to thank all of you I bought from, this collection has grown a lot and I love it!

First...let's see what the collection was like before I entered the com:

Now then....

My apologies for the quality, I don't have my hands on the good camera at the moment.

Here's a big picture of the collection! A few things in there I actually had, but forgot to take pics of~

The cards have no update so I'll be skipping those (but who knows, with Dark Explorers pre-releases soon.... that may change~ )

Right here is a defect or bootleg (I'm rollin with defect because it actually doesn't seem too bad, and has the banpresto tag...but the eyes are kinda off) I'm rollin with bootleg because this one pops up everywhere. I plan to restore it soon though.

From right to left: Entei Zukan, Entei Kids Figure, Posable Entei from Tomy, and an old school Gen 2 Tomy of Entei. The flats are: A card from a board game, and a be-yap~ both given to me by my best friend.

From left to right: Shiny Entei Zukan, Pokewalker with a custom chibi charm by my friend, and an Entei Bottlecap figure~

From left to right: Legendary Beasts Mini-Binder, Entei Pokedoll (Minky, and adorable~ ), and a Drawstring bag is in the corner there. Here's a close-up of it, it's folded though (The full one has Zoroark and the Legendary Beasts)

Here is a coloured drawing of my Entei Gijinka: Mandy, drawn by platina_chan x3 and to the right is a chibified version of her in Entei form that she drew on the mail package~

And that's it for my Entei Collection! Now then, my question is mainly to those who have a lot of extras of Pokemon they don't collect, or those sellers who have a lot of small figures~

Where do you store your extra figures?

In a box
Bag (any kind)
Other (Please comment ~ )

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