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Small Mostley Kitteh Update!!

Collection update time!

Today's update will focus on Choroneko, Liepard, Glameow, Purugly, Meowth, Persian and Giratina!

Let me start by showing off my newest Purple Kitteh gets:

Just give the images a couple clicks for a larger version. The magnet was my most recent get, thanks to denkimouse!

I'd like to thank usakochan for the badges. Originally, I was going to just get two but I caved and got all four. What can I say, Purple Kittehs are hard to resist...XD

This lovely miniature painting of Zorgneko is by the very talented zenity! I was amazed by how small it really is, I highly recommend them too...;)

As far as my collection is concerned, I have been mainly concentrating on Purple Kittehs lately. Though, that doesn't mean I have been neglecting the other Pokemon I collect too.

I was super excited for the release of the new charms, for that meant that poor neglected Purugly was finally going to get something new! It was thanks to okapifeathers, that I was able not only get this set, but the Purple Kitteh charms too...;)

About a week an a half ago, I got a mysterious package in the mail. The contents were the stickers above and the TCG below. There was no name, only a doodle and a stamp of Chatot. I have a feeling, I know who the mystery person is though! I'd like to give them not only a big thanks but an apology too. The apology is for not letting them know sooner that I received their gift. My plate has been rather full lately...:\

Last but not least...

At one time, I did collect Charizard but I had to give it up due to lack of space and money. Recently, I bought a used copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. After answering the questions at the beginning, I ended-up being a Charmander. That is what lead me into really wanted this charm set! I plan to wear each charm as a pendant on a necklace. As a matter of fact, I have already been wearing Charizard...:3

Now for a quick auction reminder!!

You can click either the image or the link above to be transported to the original post!

Take note, I'm going to have to change the ending date of the auction from Saturday the 5th to Thursday the 10th.

I do apologize for this, but something has come-up and I won't be home Saturday. The ending time, 2PM EST will still remain the same. Some items have no bids, so I went ahead and lowered their starting prices by a couple of dollars. I also added a little something new...;)

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