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sugar0coated sales!

Sales permission granted on3rd July 2011 by 

Sales include weeding of my Snivy, Happiny, Plusle & Minun and Munna Collections! Loads of plush and figures within! Preview is here: HUGE PILE O' STUFF All the items shown plus more are in my sales! 

So I've been putting this off as I still have more items to list, but I could do with the money sooner rather than later, so instead, I'm going to put these up then do a big update later, including more plush, TCG, a backpack and perler sprites. If you'd like me to delay shipping until I have photos up of everything, let me know, but I'll require payments submitted on time please!

Also, unlinked are my flats, here:
I'd be happy to trade for my wants, here:

Shipping is from Australia, so keep in mind postage quotes maybe higher than some of you are used to. Unsold items will go into an ebay lot at a later date. Haggling is okay if you are buying multiple items. Please give me time to give out postage quotes as I haven't done a lot of shipping since I moved to Australia and I'm not totally used to the system yet xwx;

Coming Soon: Laminated charm commissions, perler sprite commissions, and a huge collection update!
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