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collection update, new collection woohooo~

Hello everyone! Long time no update. My collection has certainly expanded since the last time I posted so I'm way overdue. Also, I bought a new bookshelf for my collections so now I can finally display them properly!!!

A quick mini-intro for those who have no idea who I am. Hiya! I'm Dask. 
My main collection was Nidoran male, however, Tentacool and Tentacruel seem so to have taken over that spotlight. Though I still do collect him. I also do have a couple side collections, which include Rayquaza, Frillish & Jellicent, and Donphan. 

The newest gets seen in these pictures are: the Pokemon Center Johto charm, the Stadium flip card of NidoranM-Nidorino-Nidoking, and a sort of MIP japanese NidoranM Tomy. Reason I say sort of is because when it arrived the plastic package was all smooshed up. http://pics.livejournal.com/daskryuu/pic/0001zs7r I forgot who I'd gotten him from though >.< Oh well. At least I have one.

^glorious jellyfish~ I do think my favorite is the spinny TCG figure.

^A glorious Tentacool Settei that desperately needs to be framed. 

my Tentacool plush and kid army.

I'll probably post my side collection pics at a later date. I'm waiting for stuff so they're pretty puny right now.


While my main wants are any mini models, metal figures, and stampers of Nidoran M and Tentacool & Tentacruel, I'm pretty much looking for anything I don't already have. However I'm not interested in any stickers or cards.
And introducing my graily-grail:

This is my graily-grail. It's a Tentacool-Tentacruel shirt that apparently come in an adult size. I must have it! If you know anyone or anywhere selling this please tell me~

I'll prob make a more proper wants post as soon as soon I collect alot more images of things I don't have >.<

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