Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions about Canvas plushes + trades anyone?

Hello everyone! Sorry for bothering you guys with so many questions ;_; I am wondering if anyone that owns a 2009 chikorita canvas plush can tell me whether or not it has beanies in it? 

[Answered, thanks!]

I am wondering if anyone has one they are willing to sell/ trade? I am hoping to get one in good condition (hang tag doesn't matter), shipping would be to Hong Kong. 

Also seeking to trade/ partial trade for the following canvas, I am good as long as they have tush tag:
- Buizel <- would anyone be able to tell me whether this one has beanies in them or not?
- Azelf
- Mesprit
- Buneary

I have the following canvas plush (tush tag only) that I can trade:
- Umbreon
- Uxie
- Shinx
- Pikachu

Or I can trade with anything from my sales

^ I need to squeeze in a Chikorita between them
Tags: canvas
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