Mako (oi_m) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MPC set 12 + 14 GB payment 1

Hello! We have been invoiced by SMJ so payment 1 for for MPC set 12 + set 14 GB is now due!

Lot 1 - MPC set 12

Participants of MPC set 12, your total for payment 1 would be $7.62.

- Heatmor  agkelikos
- Ducklett  sevenfisher
- Zweilous  poliwhirl
- Simisear  sir_develon
- Vanillite  oi_m
- Sawsbuck (winter)  chaos_21

Lot 2 - MPC set 14 

Participants of MPC set 14, your total for payment 1 would be $9.74.

- Palpitoad  nasija
- Frillish  daskryuu
- Durant  tewzi
- Sawsbuck (Spring)  schenzi
- Swadloon  poliwhirl
- Vanilluxe  oi_m

Please send all payment to swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com
include in the title [MPC GB][payment 1][your username]

Once payment is received, your name will be crossed off.
Please pay within 48hours from this post, thanks all <3

Original auctions: set 12, set 14

Original GB post:

Tags: group auction
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