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Collection Update

Hey guys Ghosts and Torterras my two main collections had 3 but Giratina and Gengar combined in to just ghost, Due to money problems i had to drop Dragons =( and probably will not be buying anymore pokemon merch for the next month or so =(
but i still have some pokemon merch coming in the post that i already paid for so that something to look forward to=) Anyway on to my collection and as thay say a picture paints 1000 words so here come the pics.



Ghosts that miss the first pic and 2 from my team

Thank you sasami for selling me the kids


Bottle cap figures:Victini and Serperior. Banpresto UFO mini plush Pansage. Kids:Mine.Jr and Mamoswine. Zukans: Roserade line x3, Golurk and Chingling line.

Eevee and Cyndaquil phone charm, 2X zukan DP set 14 cardbored inserts got due to a translation error.


Anything NON flat of the ghosts not ticked.
Also Kingdra and breloom kids
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