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Orange plasma ghosty update!

I got a few packages and thought I would share how my Rotom collection is doing :)

More photos under the cut!!

The non plush items are what came in my package from schenzi They threw in 5 free stickers TUT Thank you so much! And getting the Foongus pokedoll kind of made me fall in love with the Pokemon XD It is so adorable

All of my Rotom plush! Now you may ask ridiculous questions like 'wow do you seriously need that many?'. The answer is always yes. The pokedolls are so perfect and cute T-T I think this is me trying to make up for how there aren't plush available for all 5 forms. XD There's actually one more Rotom plush that was made and that's the Jakks throw plush which I have not been able to find for a year. If any has one or knows where to get one that would be much appreciated! ignore the peas

BWAHAHAH me with my plasma army XD And just to clarify, yes I am a girl.... I've had a lot of people refer to me as a guy because I look boyish. .___.

My children! I got some new Rotom customs, cut/frost keshipoke, cut retsuden, and I think that is all that has changed there hahah. I almost got the Jakks figure for a decent price but I was at work and got sniped on eBay. x___o My sparky zebras and grumpy knights are very very slowly expanding. XD I can't wait for the waza figures.

My beautiful pokedoll pin customs from drag0n_aura If you have some money go get some customs from them! They're so amazing and high quality, I need to get the rest of my collection made into pins XD

The workings of a mini wailord collection. XD I just really love how square shaped whale-y is. I am mainly looking for kids. The pokedoll and DX pokedoll look really cute but I am not a fan of velboa, which works for me since they are so spendy and rare. ^ ^" I also have a side collection of pokemon trainers and in-game items! I've been trying to get the pokeflute for a while but keep missing it! I am also looking for the super cool touch screen electronic version of the poketches *______* I am also trying to start up a Shelgon side collection :D I have one kid and just won the megablock in a GA, but when I tried to bring the kid into the house (I left it sitting on my dash for a while) I set it down somewhere and can't find it DX But til then I'll just treat it as if I have no kids in case I never find it XD"

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