Eevee (eeveecheese) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My (Hopefully) awesome gets

Hello all. I was expecting a surprise in the mail from a friend I greatly helped out. He told me nothing more than it was Pokemon related. To my utter joy, these were what I found on my front step this afternoon. But! I have a slight qualm with two of my gets/gifts. I would like assistance with determining their legitimacy.


My new Lapras Canvas! She's 100 percent real, I've noticed it's really hard to bootleg a canvas.


My adorable Umbreon Pokedoll! He's the American version, and I'm proud to say he's real this time. He's not AS soft as I'd have liked him, but he's a heck of a lot softer than the bootie!


These. They look loads better in person. I tested for chemicals and they have none. They are soft, well-made, but...they have no hang tag! They have a tush tag, but I expected better from amazon. I mean, the tush tag seems fine. They were wrapped, but that proves nothing. I love them, they're a good size, look cute, and are two amazing Pokemon to boot. I want to keep them, but I want to know if they are bootlegs. It will make me sad, so very sad to find out they are, but since they're chemical-free and very soft (they seriously feel like a legit Tomy), I maybe could keep them around. I just need help for clarification.

Hope you like my gets! ^^

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