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Pony Meets Ponyta

So, I have a pony, her name is China Doll... or China for short...... and I took my ponyta figure to school with me(I do this a lot xD)... and I forgot to take it out of my jacket pocket when I went to the barn afterward..... 
so me and my friend thought it'd be fun to have China meet my ponyta

and we took pictures to document it xDD

Follow the fake cut to see the pictures~

I think China thought that Ponyta was a treat....... like my phone

also..... I'm working on making a better wants list~

so yeah.... that's all really...... I just thought I would share this with you guys~ xD
It's like an actual horse is meeting my horse pokemon collection

EDIT: Wants I am looking for now!!!!
Ponyta, Rapidash, Blitzle, and Zebstrika Stampers!!!! I really like stamps.... and stamping things is fun~ So I would REALLY like to have these~! <3 I'm not really looking for a specific one.... just any kind of stamper for these guys~ I just really want them!!!
So does anyone have them? o3o
And a Luxray, lapras, suicune, or arcanine would be nice too~ (do they even have all those as stampers.... I didn't check xD ahaha)

ok.... now I am seriously done xD
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