Bunzy ♥ (aftertheheaven) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Bunzy ♥

Hay gaiz! Look whut I found :B

11th movie Pokemon Pan! ♥ The croissants themselves taste like the Darkrai movie croissants just repackaged with Sheimi. But that's not what everyone cares about B|

Omg so cute fha;slfhkasdl sd; XD

This also means pan sticker sale in the near future if anyone's interested :3

On a somewhat related note, I'm not planning on collecting Sheimi, per se (As Gin and I discussed once, even though we live in Japan, there's going to be so much Sheimi merchandise we'd probably have to drop out of school to chase it all down XD) but I have come to the conclusion that a few choice items need to be in my possession. <3

Anyone else hit with the "I don't collect this Pokemon but I buy random goods of it here and there" syndrome?
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