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Sales, UK middleman needed and Clear File GB

Just sales to try pay off something.
There's Jolteon Pokedoll, Kids, charms etc.

[info]pkmncollectors rules apply
• Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011
• Feedback thread located here.
• Payment with PayPal only, in USD
• I ship from Finland and ship worldwide
• Items come from pet free home


Reversible Psyduck (feet and white dot on Pokeball side fell off) $2

Jolteon Pokedoll MTW (New American tag) $20
Deoxys plushies not for sale


Eevee Domes $2 each
All others $1 each

Pikachu and Eevee Playfully Yours/Franco & Sons figures $2 each

Kids figures $1 each
Sold: Pikachu, Mew, Nidoran

Kids figures $2
Sold: Umbreon

Pikachu roller figure $1
Sold: Mew

DX Garchomp Kid $2

TOMY Talking Pikachu figure $4
Still works! When you place this figure on your palm (or your fingers on the small holes under his feet) he will say 'Pikachu' in a really cute way and his cheeks flash red.
Little dirty and nose has lost some paint. I will clean him up before sending tho!

Pinsir Dice MIP $3

Mystery Latios figure $4
Has a hole under his neck, he came with a Pokeball launcher thing (I don't have it anymore)


Round Pokemon Center christmas cards (with envelopes) $5 for whole set SOLD

Sticker lot $4

Huge stack of Energy TCG $5
There's old and new cards, English and Japanese releases, all in good condition
Dialga plush not for sale, just size comparsion


Eeveelution charms $7 each
Sold: Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon

I'm also looking for a middleman from UK.
I saw a lot on eBay and need someone who is really good sniper. I don't think I can win that lot anyway, but I can try!


ALSO decided to do a quick GB for these clear files!

- If you are interested to see how my other GA's have went, see here:
- You can claim more than one clear files, I'm claiming Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai, Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon and the folder
- You can't back out after you have claimed, if you do I have to leave you negative feedback
- I will collect the payment after every charm has been claimed
- There will be two payments:
---- First includes the item price and shipping to me
---- Second includes shipping and material cost from me to you

Each clear file is $5.88.

Jirachi/May/Wally+Pokemon: pancakemonkey
Lucario/Plusle/Minun/Mew/Tyranitar: gleameyesluxray
N/Reshiram: roxiired
N/Zekrom: gleameyesluxray
Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai: cluw
Shiny Charizard/Gold+Pokemon: cluw
Tags: group auction, sales

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