solar_sceptile (solar_sceptile) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Pokemon collection update~

Hey everyone! remember somewhere mid 2009 when I showed my collection?
I always wanted to post my updates but always forgot all that time because I was busy with my
school back then, 3 years after that my collection grew, not that much, Only some new Pokemon plushies
and *lots* of figures :)
To tell the truth Im proud of my collection :)

My collection! the colors, soo much :D

Tepig says Hello! he always snag my Pokemon Pillow :)

Spiky Pichu is my favorite! so soft

Nothing much to say here, found that fluffy Mewtwo years ago in Germany for 25 cents because the Theme Park changed

Sad that Absol was a bootie, but somehow I dont mind, I love Absol, bootie or not

Ludicolo misses an arm :( but thats ok to me, See the meowth with orange marker? I did that when I was 9 haha

That first Pikachu whos kinda Dirty is my very first Pokemon item I had when I was 7, I never want to get rid of Pika
because my grandma always liked Pika too. I was in love with the legendary dogs when I snag(buyed :P) them at the Con 2 years ago

The Lucario lollie expired years ago, not planning to eat that, I love how my Regice ''summons'' water from the ground,
Also the 2 Manectrics are my favorites :D

That Groudon is just amazing, Skitty is cute :D I had those 2 together with Regiice and Latios at the Con too

Giratina is my favorite Zukan, maybe because its s BIG :D

heh, Bannete brothers creep me out, I lost the Bases so I just put them down as creapy Banette brothers :D

Electrivire is so awesome, I love his wires its so flexy :P

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