moonliteumbreon (moonliteumbreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A new grail goal: canvas Minun plushie, why do you elude me??

Heya guys once again, just a quick wants post this time [I shall soon be posting a collection update though once all my new little plushie friends arrive!!].
I recently semi-purchased a Plusle canvas plushie [only semi-purchased 'cause I haven't sent my final installment yet!] and being as OCD as I am, I know that now I just HAVE to find this guy's little buddy Minun.
This is the little cutie here [though I'm sure a lot of you would already know what it looks like]:

[I don't own this image; just found it on google images and am using it for reference!]
So yeah, this is my new grail goal! If anyone can help me find this little cutie ['cause I can't use Y!J, since unfortunately I cannot read Japanese!! and eBay has proven futile!] I will not be able to express my appreciation enough. xD
Tags: wanted
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