thebitterend327 (thebitterend327) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction + Want

I am a new member. I joined last month some time. Anyway, I started collecting pokemon around when they first came out when I was seven or eight. I mainly collect TCG and plushies although I do have several figures from back in the day. My favorite types are ghost and bird types, but I will collect just about any of them. Unfortunately I am in college so I don't have too much money to spare, but I let myself splurge occasionally.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my collection at this time. Some of it is still at my parents house. The rest of it is in my tiny apartment, but I have nowhere to set it up, really. I will have pictures soon, probably.

I was also wondering if any of you lovely folks knew where I could find a pokemon center Mismagius plushie. I have been searching desperately, but have thus far been unsuccessful. Also, if anybody has one to sell I would gladly buy it. I don't exactly know how much they're worth, but name a reasonable price and I'll take it. Thanks for your help.
Tags: mismagius, plush, pokecen, wanted
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