PikaFreakRachel (pikafreakrachel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Desperate need!

I come to you today with a desperate need. Last year I bought this:

Pokemon figures in frame, originally sold by KB Toys in 1998, I think? I got mine on eBay, and I thought the missing figures would be easy to find. Wrong! So, I'm desperately hoping that the lovely people here can help me fill in the blanks. I've found a couple on eBay, and I have a few that don't actually go, like Charizard (I don't know what he is, but he doesn't belong) and a couple clears like Marrowak. Did they also make a frame with clear figures? Anyway, here's what the figures look like on the back:

It has a mark BP and the Pokemons number. Here's a list of what I need -
6 - Charizard
21 - Spearow
26 - Ekans
26 - Raichu
29 - Nidoran Male
58 - Growlithe
59 - Arcanine
85 - Dodrio
105 - Marrowak
108 - Lickitung
113 - Chansey
144 - Articuno
148 - Dragonair

All of the figures are about an inch high, and they're almost a little rubbery. Soft plastic, not hard like the TOMY's. So, if you have one of these for sale, please let me know! I'd start the offer at about $4 shipped, since the figures are tiny and honestly they aren't the prettiest or best painted out there. If these are popular and go for more, just let me know. (0^_^0)

Another huge want is the Pokemon cuckoo clock. I've seen a youtube video of it, and I REALLY need one! So, if you have one you'd like to sell to someone who would reeaaaallly appreciate it, please let me know!
Tags: wanted

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