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Finally! I got collection room!!!!!

So.... I don't know if you noticed from my other pictures.... but I didn't really have collection space.....
well now I do!!!!

I took two shelves on my book case.... that was originally full with Breyer horses, and I condensed all the horses into less shelves to make room for my pokemonz~!!!! all done in a few hours at like.... like... LATE last night/ early morning xD

Unfortunetly, the lighting in this corner of my room sucks.....  So I need a way to fix this :l
I also realized that I'm still gonna need more room ._. I didn't know I had so much stuff o3o and there's no way I can condense my breyer horses anymore then it already is >.> you can already sorta see how close they are above my pokemon collection xD

I also finally organized all my flats into binders~

The Top 2 binders are my TCG cards (without duplicates because I'm OCD like that) and the light blue on on the right has the duplicates in it~
The red binder has my Topps cards in it (again no duplicates, they be in the light blue binder xD)
and the dark blue in the bottom right corner has all my other assorted flats~! <3

I'm planing to make their covers a but nicer too xD

Also!!! I got some money today, so I'm more able to get some of my wants. Right now I'm looking for a few things, that I kept missing in sales posts >.> and the Zukans which I haven't found yet ;;

Here is mainly what I am looking for at the moment (in order):
Rapidash Zukan
Ponyta and Rapidash Zukan
Zebstrika Attack Kid (main want at the moment besides Zukans)
Mudkip Ribbon Plush
Shinx Pokedoll
Rapidash Kid
Ponyta Kid
Ponyta Attack Kid
Blitzle Kid
Zebstrika Kid
Ponyta, Rapidash, Blitzle, Zebstrika Stampers
Cobalion Kid (though I think I am getting this from someone already)
Luxray Kid

I don't have money for everything.... sadly..... but I do really want them all ;; So if you have any of these.... Please let me know~ <3
I feel like I pimp my wants list to much.... but it keeps changing >.>

and now back to  essay writing
Tags: blitzle, collection, luxray, mudkip, ponyta, rapidash, shinx, wanted, zebstrika, zukan
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