Soul (zoroark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

long time!

Hey everyone! It's been a while. I was in the hospital and recently came home. I missed the community! I'd just like to update everyone with five awesome packages that came for me while I was away. I'm a little tired so forgive me.

I would also like to say that I'm sorry if anything happened with my sales while I was away - I had my mom take care of things, so I hope she did okay. If I need to leave feedback for anyone or someone purchased something from me and haven't left feedback yet, I would appreciate you letting me know/you leaving some for me! If anyone has any questions please ask, I would love to get back to you!

First, my awesome Eevee charms from denkimouse. I have a set of these but when I saw that they were releasing them again I decided to buy another set. Thank you so much!

My Grovyle charm from dewott! Grovyle is special to me for one reason only (but a good reason!) - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. I love him as a character and just had to get something Grovyle, and the best thing he has is his charm. A big thank you from me!

My Raichu Canvas Plush from cyritic. He is just so adorable, I had to have him. He's special enough to have his own box, but he's so cute that I may take his tag off and keep him as a travel buddy. Thanks again!

My new Pokédolls from ewokie! I love them so much! While I don't collect any of them, I got caught up in the Epcot pickups and these guys were begging me to buy them. I'm glad I did, they have a nice spot on my shelf for now! Thank you!

Last but not least, you can see a Takara Tomy Zoroark up there. He was a present from my mom when I was in the hospital. He's special to me because on a game called RuneScape my username is Zoroark and I love it. Zoroark is just so awesome herself. Thank you mom! XD You can also see my other new plush there too!

So yeah, thanks again everyone! I was happy to come home to all this, it was like Christmas!

One more thing. There are a few charms I'm still looking for - Zoroark and two, yes, two, Ponyta. Please let me know if you have them! I'm looking to pay about $6 each plus shipping, which is what I saw most single charms going for. If anyone has these guys, let me know!
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, groudon, grovyle, jolteon, latias, latios, leafeon, metagross, ponyta, raichu, umbreon, vaporeon, wanted, zoroark
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