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Look who just flew in from Sunyshore!


I had to clear off half of a new shelf for the big one and I'll have to relocate the other half later on for when I get the other two. X> I have so many Starly family plushies that they were crowding out my other birds!

The tag on the giant raptor is so CUTE. ♥ Also, Gin threw in the Pidgeot tag for free~ :DD

Just my Pokemon DX UFO plushies hanging out with the ginormous replica of my Smash Bros main. ;D

Alsoooooo since I'm pretty much content with my collections of Seadra (sans my lack of BK plush ;;), Buizel, and Kyogre, collecting has been quite slow for me so I decided that I want to collect Beedrill! Now I've always had an unusual soft spot for bug-types (at one point in my Pokefandom, Venomoth was my top favorite!) but I was very attached to a particular Beedrill I trained in Yellow, and it's still carried on to today. :3 I already own the zukan and have the TOMY coming in the mail for me, but once I get paid I'll be on the lookout for the Pokekid and almost any figure that may exist of the buzzer. In short? Prepare for a SWARM of hornets. >;3
Tags: beedrill, buizel, plush, rayquaza, staraptor, staravia, starly
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