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Maaaaaiiiillllll! + other stuff

I've been receiving mail from members here all month, but have been waiting to get it all before making a post! :3

Received on May 6th:

Awwww, it's the adorable little Pokemon case I bought from warandromance! ♥__♥

Eeeeeeee! I squeed when seeing it, it's so much cuter in real life than in photos. It's also much larger than I imagined! I adore it!

My stuff was beautifully wrapped in some gorgeous pink paper inside the case! I am in love with that Crobat card, sink those teeth into that Wishmur, my darling! >:[
Those Pikachu Bentou sticks will be used sooner or later for my food. I just haven't been creative enough to make something to use them with. :c
warandromance, did you send the other little things as extras? 'Cause they are SO cute and I love them. ♥3♥ Thank you for everything! <3

Received on May 8th:

Another loud squee could probably be heard from my neighborhood when I opened a little package from lightofapollo! Thank you so much, I adore it! :DDD I have been wanting this zukan for years, and you finally made my collection complete!

Check 'em out in action!
The Elekid is so tiny and cute that I could hardly even focus on it. @_@ I love tiny things.

Received on May 10th:

Zubat stamper!! Thank you muchly, happyjolteon! <3
It's small, but the details on it are wonderful. I love that he's on a bright pink base, it looks nice against all the blue and purple in my Zubat / Golbat / Crobat collection. XD

Then on Friday....

Sunyshore order! :3 With an Elekid bell plush drawing! Gin, are you spying on me? :O
Time to open it...

A Crystal puzzle! I still need to put it together, but I haven't because I'm not sure where to put it, yet. X3


He is so handsome and adorable, I love him, thank you so much Gin! I'm going to have to send more love next package. ;D
Oh, and I named him Tamaki. ...because I am beyond geeky and stuck a rose on him. :B

What else tagged along?

BELL PLUSHIES!! The only things in the world that can make anyone instantly happy. :3

Hitmonchan! I think he's just so cute, and I'm going to spiff him up a bit so he doesn't have threads hanging everywhere. :D
...but. My mom and brothers poked him and laughed at him so much. ;3;

Poliwhirl! He's not too popular either, but I couldn't leave him behind. <3 I can't help it, the unloved little things always get my love in the end.

A Zubat marble! I wasn't sure if I already have one or not, but it's blue and and pretty, so I couldn't resist. XD (and to follow the Zubat stamp, here it is displayed on a pink ring I found at the arcade last week, hehe.)
Gin, did you throw in that poor Electabuzz as a little extra? I now have two zukan pieces that are missing limbs... Toxicroak a left leg, and this guy a missing right arm. FMA, anyone? XDD
It got me thinking... I should start an adoption center for unwanted zukan pieces with missing limbs or appendages. XD

and this weekend I received the Zubat and Golbat mini stamps from kanackering. ^_^

This month has been lucky with stamps, it seems! <33

Oh, and I was bored the other night, when the internet went down... so Tamaki and I decided to take a photo... 'cause I did the same thing when I got my Elekid from Gin. >_>

We are MANGRY, grrr! >:C

Then I got bored and added stuff to the extra photo. XDD It's also an "angrier" version of it... but I don't really think I look angry. >c

Oh, oh! I picked up a pack of these just for old times sake this past weekend:

and here's what I got! :DDD

Okay, I'll stop now. I'm sorry to spam the place with photos. This is why I waiting until I got everything. hee. :3

While I'm here, lineaalba and raifreak, I sent out your stuff a few days ago!
juumou and regen, yours was sent today! :D
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