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Collection weeding sales/offers

Everyone who participated in my Big Plushie Auction, everything shipped out a few days ago. So you should be receiving your items in the mail shortly.

But for the main focus of this post, my fiance is getting a new job in a different city, so we have to pick up and move. Since he'll be the only one with a job while I continue school, I want to try andhelp out as much as I can. So here I am, selling some beloved members of my collection. My main of Tropius and Spearow/Fearow are staying with me, but a lot has to go. Here's a rundown of what's up for offer or sale.

Custom Nidoking from cwinget
Jolteon Canvas no hangtag
DX Reshiram Pokedoll
DX Zekrom Pokedoll
Altaria UFO
Arcanine Banpresto Figure
...and more!

Rules and Info:
All regular community rules apply.
I joined the community in February, 2010.
I gained sales permission March 2, 2012 by entirelycliched
My feedback is located
All money denominations are in USD. They do not include shipping/fees.
Bidding will end on May 15 at 12pm Central US time. Please pay within 48 hours to avoid negative feedback.
No snipping. Bids within the last 5 minutes will extend the auction for that plush another 5 until no new bids are placed.
I ship from Minnesota, USA. I will ship worldwide. I usually try and ship within one week.
Shipping will vary between plush since some are larger than others.

Straight sale items include:

Audino US release w/tag - 12 Sold
Lapras Japanese release w/tag - 30
DX Reshiram Pokedoll w/tag - 50
DX Zekrom Pokedoll w/tag - 50 Sold
Swanna MPC w/tag - 20
Lugia Japanese re-release w/tag - 35

Feel free to make offers, but since I need the $ I might decline. Please understand.

Up for offers include:

Arcanine Banpresto Figure starts @ 30
Altaria UFO no hang tag starts @ 30
Jolteon Canvas no hang tag starts @ 80
Ampharos Banpresto w/tag starts @ 30

And a custom Nidoking doll by cwinget
Hate to let him go, but he's gatta have a better home than sitting in a box.

Additional pictures:

A bit of loose stiching in this picture. This ear is a bit more floppy than the other. Some simple sewing could fix that right up. I lack the talent. His little chest even has embrodiery to outline his muscles. His tail also has this. I'll take a picture if you'd like. Super soft, give him a home!

Nidoking will start @ 55

I can take more pictures if these are insuffient.
Please help me raise money! Thank you.
Tags: altaria, ampharos, arcanine, audino, banpresto, canvas, custom, jolteon, lapras, lugia, nidoking, reshiram, sales, zekrom
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