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Updated Sales Post and a Surprise Offer!

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 4/24/2011
Old Feedback Here
New Feedback Here
Newest Feeback Here
~Paypal Only! I will not take cash, COD, or e-checks
~If you're interested in an item, ask for a quote first
~I am open to haggling, especially if you buy a lot of stuff.
~I don't mind doing holds, but I won't do them for more than 3 days (72 Hours). If you don't respond by that time, it will go back up the proceeding day
~Please allow for up to ONE WEEK for me to ship items out. I'll usually ship things on Friday
~Shipping for USA STARTS at $2.50 and goes up as needed ($1.50 for Flats and teeny Tiny items)
~I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR ITEM IS LOST OR DAMAGED IN THE MAIL. I will make sure to send the package as securely as possible, but we are all at the mercy of USPS. If you'd like your package shipped a certain way then let me know and i'll see what I can do
~As of right now I am not trading unless it's for the cards I am missing in my collection (Wanted Cards Here)

I retook some pictures and got a couple of things lying around that I dont have room for and need homes! Check under the cut to see the cool new pics!

Any Badges, Pins, or Score Cards bought in stacks or sets will also have reduced prices!

Pokemon League Score Cards. I have multiples of each card.(when an item is really low in stock, i will post it)
$3 Each
LOW ON STOCK: Houndoom, Typhlosion, Insect Season, Bolt Season, Quake Season

Pokemon League Pins and Badges. I have multiples of each (when an item is really low in stock, i will post it)
Patches are $2 each and Pins are $3 each
LOW ON STOCK: Croconaw (5 left)

Top row: $6
Registeel and Meganium $4
Blue/Greatball row: $3 (except ivysaur who is $2)
Bottom 2 rows: $2
SOLD OUT: Haunter

Random Stuff. Everything here is $6 OBO except the mewtwo which is $3, and the big crobat card which will be up for offers bellow.
SOLD: Rayquazza

Pokemon Worlds 2011 Sealed Playmat. Up for offers
Offers start at $40 OBO

Pokemon Worlds 2011
$25 OBO

Tepig League Poster
 $8 OBO

And now my Surprise Offer!

My Heracross Paki Paki!
Offers Start at $50
BIN at $150

Countdown Clock here:

Thanks Everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
Tags: absol, bellsprout, buizel, cacnea, charizard, clamperl, crobat, croconaw, dewott, dwebble, emboar, emolga, entei, excadrill, haunter, heracross, herdier, houndoom, ivysaur, krokorok, lapras, leavanny, meganium, mewtwo, moltres, mudkip, oshawott, palpitoad, panpour, pansage, pansear, patrat, pignite, pikachu, psyduck, regigigas, registeel, roserade, rotom, sableye, sales, samurott, scizor, scyther, serperior, servine, shinx, skiploom, snivy, squirtle, suicune, swellow, tepig, typhlosion, whirlipede, zebstrika, zukan
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