Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....



Crazy lady is CRAAAAAAAZY. After some bid wars I finally came out on top! (YAY) Only to be beat back down by the same original YJ user. Here's the deal guys:

the auction is at 72 dollars...

If you REALLY want these (Im guessing these are extreemly rare)

I will do Buy it nows at 10 dollars for each keychain. If everyone (or at least 5) paid 10 dollars for their keychains we can still potentially win these!

What do you guys want to do??

Guys bidding on these:



I have some potentionally bad news...There is a bidder (no not on SMJ/or other middelman services) but they have a large bid locked in it.

The keychains are currently up to 50 dollars!! And with SMJ fees would be around 60! Im guessing this person has about 50 locked in as their bid.

If you guys want these..your gonna have to up your bid. Its UP to you guys..me and 216handsbound are willing to shell out around 20 for our respected holds, so if a few pitched in and raised their bids by even 2 dollars it can help. If I get enough interest I'll put in the 50 dollar bid and try to knock them out.

If you are interested in bidding please use the link mentioned above to do so

Thanks. The auctions end tomorrow so by then I will know how much I can bid and its up to chance then.
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