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GETS! and card pricing?

I don't usually get new cards - I'm not interested in collecting flats, and want to sell off most of my TCG collection. So I started asking rl friends about old Pokemon cards they wanted to sell since I was looking for cards for pokepalace. While they have first priority on any Fossil or Rocket cards I've found, I just wanted to show off some of the cards I got, especially because some of them are fairly popular Pokemon. :3 Also, my first eBay purchase!

So first I stopped by my friend Tim's! I actually took a few common Fossil cards too, but they were all doubles of cards I already had (like Omanyte, Slowpoke, Sandslash) so not really worth taking pics of, so here are the new ones!
Gengar and Flareon are both holos, and Flareon is totally up for grabs. :) (And those white marks on Gengar are just from my dumb scanner. :S)

Later that day I visited another friend, but he had SO many cards that there wasn't any point in my buying them all and taking them home! He is currently making a list of them on Excel because he's cool like that. XD He may be willing to take offers in the future.

Today I got to see Karl! He also had a lot of cards, but I figured I'd just take cards of popular Pokemon/lines so I didn't risk carrying around a zillion cards all day and getting them damaged in my purse. :x
The Dratini line, Eeveelutions and a lone Vulpix! All well-loved Pokemon who I'm sure will find homes on the community eventually. XD

I also made my first eBay purchase! I already have a few (read: 3) Mew plushies and don't have a lot of room, but when I found this cutie I've kind of wanted, on eBay for a reasonable price, I just had to grab one! (Also I was worried the auction was ending soon. :x) I almost got two, ahaha.

Look how cute! *swoons*

I'm really just hoping they're legit. Their feedback is essentially perfect, so fingers crossed! The seller claims to have a bunch more in stock, and I'm happy to provide a link if anyone else is interested. :>

On an unrelated note, I also made my first ThinkGeek purchase (as a birthday present to myself on behalf of my family) and am super excited. XD I am currently obsessing over molds for ice cubes and candy! If anyone knows where I can get Pokemon molds that would be awesome. :D

Back to the card stuff for a moment, I was wondering exactly how to price cards. I've tried looking around the internet for pricing guides, and I found some websites but their prices were all totally weird, like $2-3 for uncommon cards from classic sets, $3-4 if it was first edition. The above user said they usually purchase common cards for 5 cents (apparently I totally overpaid my first friend for the cards I got...). Guess I'm just really out of touch. o.o What should I really be expecting, here?

Also, all three friends I encountered had the original base holo Charizard card we were all after as kids, and all three wanted to know if it was still a very sought-after/valuable card. I've been on this community for four years and I really only recall seeing a single person who wanted one! What's the deal with 'Zard these days?

Otherwise I won't repost my wants for now, but I'm working on putting together a proper sales post since my last official one was in '08. XD Keep your eyes peeled!

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