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What a busy weekend!

Here is a collection update of some new things I am ever so excited about!
Yesterday car booting in Norwich (UK) I found these guys! I LOVE my gift bag!!! And window stickers.. and boxed money bank... SO MANY AWESOME THINGS!! (I love the old school red and blue stuff :D)

And this morning I got a HUGE package! Tomy talkie guys are officially in the UK! I first saw them in GAME last Monday and then looked them up online for a somewhat discounted price! SO HAPPPYYYY! Now just need to put their batteries in :D 

And the other week I got this from a guy in my town! Love it! My pokemon gameboy was a major bargain. AMAZING TIMES! But my poor wallet is tired and empty now.. Hehe!

EDIT: After returning home to find my inbox FILLED with requests for the website I got my English talkies I will post it here! I don't think it is breaking any rules as it is legitimate merchandise.
I got the three starters from www.buyforlessonline.co.uk for £23.75 plus flat rate postage of £4.75 within the UK. And I got Pikachu from www.duncanstoychest.co.uk for £14.99 with free postage! 
As there have been several requests to see the voices I will make a video on Wednesday evening (BST) and post it here! I haven't even had time to unpackage them yet!

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