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After Con Collection update!!! 8D

So I went to an anime convention this weekend and came back with a few Pokemon merch~! <3

Overall convention gets~

Tried to condense everything I got into one picture xDD it's also in the same picture as my general con gets photo... so yeah.... xD;
All of them came in their boxes/packages.... except for the 3 art cards and blitzle button..... they where from the artist alley ^^
sorrt Keldeo is kinda hidden by Zekrom ;;

And here's my pony collection so far... updated with some things I got recently as well~ ^^

I've been getting a lot of cards lately ^^ but yeah.... it's slowly growing~ <3 and I still have some things on their way~ 8D

and speaking of mail~ I received this on friday~

It's the Glaceon Charm I won in the auction~ <3 
It's so cute and I love it >3<

I also have a small little Lugia collection growing~ <3 

2 of these figures I got at the con~ <3 I also forgot to add some things in this picture... woops xD I also have a Kid coming and some other things~ <3

Here's my collection shelf now~

It's getting so cluttered >> I really need to get rid of some stuff..... but I don't have sales permission yet :l so it'l have to stay cluttered for now OTL

Here's some close up pictures of my newest additions when added to my collection shelf~

I also got a whole bunch of TCG over the weekend~ <3 There's too many for me to take pictures of though OTL
but here are the stars of what I got~ xD

first... I got this tin~

Shiinyyy Suiiccunne~ <3

and here be three of the cards I got~ They're the ones I collect and go into my special binder~ xD

I love prime cards so much >3< I actually got the Houndoom in the Shiny Suicune Tin~ <3
and the Umbreon came with the set like the Espeon one I got~ <3
Luxray was given to me by my friend who got it in her pack~ >3<

Now I have 4 different primes and I'm planning to get more 8D

So yeah~ I got a lot.... you should seriously see how many cards I got xD ahahaha 
I got AT LEAST 10 packs...... derp

and that is the end of my update~ ^^

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