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Meet ups, customs, looking for

First, I have just a few plush commission slots and most of the keychain slots still open, so this is a reminder. I need animazement funds!

My galleries: http://lonepichu.deviantart.com/gallery/33643071

As for pricing, Keychains range from 20-45 and are small. like 2-4 inches small. Normal plush start at a base price of 150 and it can go up or down depending on complexity.

You can find more information here: http://loneplushieinfo.webs.com/commissiontradeinfo.htm

Secondly, I'd be willing to do either a mini plush or some keychains or something as a trade for a Serperior Pokedoll. I want one really badly!

Lastly, anyone going to Animazement? We should have a Pokemon collectors meet up!

I'm going, as well as my friends Lampent and Roxiexcore/Samheartsuyw and we'd like to meet more collectors. I'm thinking Saturday. Also let us know what time would work best for you as well as a good place! I'll post the details I gather to the community soon! Hope to see you there!

We need a meet up tag!
Tags: custom, plush, serperior
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