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★ custom foamies


Hello! I am opening slots for custom foamies during May-June. As usual, here is the latest batch (there were a lot of them in March, so I couldn't get them all in one image):

That being said, I am limiting myself to 8 slots and only 8 slots this month. Um, for real, this time. xD Please check below if you are interested!

So, if you're interested in my foam customs, I've probably directed you here. This post will hopefully serve as an overview of what they are and how you can commission me.

* I received sales permission from lineaalba on July 22, 2010. Links to my feedback can be found here (old) and here (new).

General Information

Okay, so what are these foamies anyway?

★ They are a collaborative project me and my mom started for fun. Basically, we make Pokemon (and ponies, animals, OCs, anything) decorations out of foam. The characters are drawn by me, then we meticulously cut them out and rebuild them with of foam pieces. The foam sheets we use are super soft, pliable, and come in vibrant colors. The backs of each piece are card-stock for extra support and to make it easier for you to tape up or display if you wish. All foams will have a black border, while other details are carefully drawn in with a smooth pen.

Right now, we are offering "chibi" foamies:

★ "Chibi" foam magnets are small, simplified, and stylized versions. And yes, they are MAGNETS! You can opt out of the magnet if you'd rather, though. We use magnet sheets cut to fit the shape of the character. Latest batch of magnet commissions can be found HERE and HERE to give you an example of the style. And of course, the rest can now be found at my deviantART.

(Normal foam customs are NOT available right now until I have time off from school and work, as they take more time to design and make. But, samples are always HERE to give you more an idea of what foamies look like.)


POKEMON magnets are a flat $7 each. Again, $7 is a FLAT PRICE for any pokemon. The only exception is if your pokemon lots of added accessories or details.

★ Anything else like trainers, other characters, start at $8 each, ask me for a quote/discussion.


★ I am shipping from California and by default I am shipping First Class, no tracking. You must request extra services!

Magnets are shipped inside a plain white envelope with cardboard sheets inside. I always ask the post to send these as "non-machinable envelopes" so they don't get crushed. It costs $2.50 to ship magnets anywhere in the world. THIS IS A FLAT-PRICE and it WILL NOT CHANGE NO MATTER WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE.

If you want a different shipping method please let me know and I will give you a new price.

★ I am not responsible for post office mistakes! The mailman stepping on your envelope, delivering it to the wrong house... These don't happen much, but they have happened to me. IF something goes wrong with your delivery, I will refund you half the price you paid for the commission (but not the cost of shipping, because I am not responsible for the postal service).


I am opening 8 slots for the months of May and June. You can have up to 2 pokemon in each slot, though I have been known to be flexible with this.

★ Please write clearly what pokemon you would like done, include any references for humans or other characters, and your location. I will reply with a quote and my paypal address, then you can accept or decline.

★ I accept PAYPAL only. No money orders please. I will send you my paypal address with my quote.

★ Turn-around time is 2-3 weeks per batch, 2 weeks being the norm. I work in batches, and I will keep a list here with expected finish dates whenever I am taking commissions.

Current Commissions:

Batch 1 (end of May)
1. chihuahuaowner - vulpix and altaria
2. cornzu - girafarig
3. jerybunny - shiny ponyta and sandshrew w/diamond
4. cyborgsushi - buneary and pachirisu

Batch 2 (beginning of June)
5. methuselah31010 - blaziken and dragonite
6. prawnographer - shiny seviper and skunktank
7. pending
8. happyjolteon - suicune and umbreon

* Dates in parenthesis are latest predicted finish dates. Keep in mind this doesn't include the time it takes to travel to you. That is up to the post office.

Please use common sense and general courtesy in all your communications! If you are a banned member, or otherwise upolite, or make me feel uncomfortable in any way, I reserve the right to deny selling to you. I'm sure the majority of you are perfectly decent and nice folks though!

And now, since I am running really late I will just close with some quick wants. I am looking for any (non-clear, non-shiny) kids of the following pokemon:
★ Nidoqueen, Quagsire, Steelix, Whiscash, and Torterra
I am mostly looking for one kid of each. I would prefer to buy at least 2 different kids at once to save on shipping. Please let me know if you have any of these guys!

Whew! That's all...hopefully. Thank you for reading all this and thank you for your interest! Please allow some time for response, as I am going to drive very fast safely to school now. XD
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