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ITEMS SHIPPED! small auction, Sale link

So I shipped all the items from my auctions that were paid for, still waiting on one.  I also shipped if you bought this weekend! 
The guy at the post office though was a royal jerk. :/ he didn't help me at all :(  and paypal charged me tons of fees and I dunno why! :/ If anyone can help with that tell me,   I can not afford to pay for the fee's so that was included in the shipping, sorry but its how it is.  I did end up paying out of pocket a bit, but don't worry I got a scale and It will be a bit more accurate.  So please someone tell me how the whole Fee thing works in paypal?

I shipped everything First Class, so it might take a while for you to get it, but i'm thinking you should by the end of the week!
On to other news...  I got some items for sale  I need space in my apartment again :/  And of course my cards >< *  in my last post are for sale.  Currently they are in lots on ebay but if there is a card you want let me know, And when my hubby is home later I'll ask him about it!

A small auction ALSO! :D
I was granted Sales Permission on 5/6/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback can be looked at here:
Please Bid in increments of at least $1.00

Starting price does not include shipping
This auction will end in 24 hours. 
All Pkmncollectors rules apply!
When auction is over, you have 24 hours From when I give you the price with shipping, to pay, no acceptions this time, We need the money for some medical bills.
Please do not bid until all threads are up :P

Here we have 2 pokemon neo decks MIP  This is not a lot, each one will have a separte auction.  I'm only auctioning off two, a silver one and a gold one.  The rest i might or might not sell later.
Starting price for the Silver one is 16.00
Starting Price for the Gold one is 12.00

Also a question:  I'm looking for a pichu stamp, i don't want to pay a lot for one as i don't have money, but it could be something I save for. :O

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SALES! click the banner or the link below it.

I have a ton of stickers! and a ton of figures and a few plushies.


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