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Bidoof Collection Update + New Gets!

Howdy everyone! :D I hope everyone's Monday is going well ^__^ It's been a while since I posted a collection update, and even though I'm waiting on some more packages in the mail, I decided I'd go ahead and make one since I got some stuff today and finally cleared a shelf for my Bidoof collection! :D

Super image-heavy/big collection update below, featuring new items from denkimouse, captainangel, toedychan, shiome, astron and more! <3

Before we go over what's new in the Doof collection, here's my other newest gets! :D

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Absolutely darling Sawk and Throh Pokedolls from Gin! I love them so much <3 I didn't originally plan to have Ash and Pikachu between them, but since I don't have space for them anywhere else... it seemed to go together alright xD

Speaking of Throh...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I now have his awesome charm, along with Miltank! <3 These two lovelies come from shiome, who was kind enough to do Pokemon Center pick-ups! <3

Also from shiome...

The super ridiculously adorable Pika in Love keychain plushies!! I'm so thrilled to have them. I missed out on the PIL campaign when it was in full-swing, so I'm super happy to have these now! <3

GUH. Those faces <3

The tag art is simply darling!

They're right at home in their new spot, cuddling on top of Grumplestiltskin, my Arceus Pokedoll!

...who's none too pleased. It's okay though, he puts up with me <3

Now, moving onto the new Bidoof/Bibarel items! :D

This awesome Kid figure poster from poliwhirl! Can you guess why I wanted this? :'D Unfortunately, I haven't found a space for it yet, so it's just sitting in the Doof shelf for now!

VS CARDS!!!1 I'm ridiculously happy to own these! I've been after them for a long time now! :D I didn't even know a Bibarel VS card existed! Bidoof comes from captainangel and Bibarel was a FREE gift from toedychan!! You're the best, dear! <3

Also from captainangel, these adorable stickers! <3

This AMAZING custom duct tape wallet by areica96! I absolutely love it! Commission her if you haven't already! You won't be disappointed! :D

And for the newest addition I've been the most excited about...

FINALLY these two get a charm set! :D I was BEYOND thrilled when I learned that they got charms in this new set! These beauties also come from shiome and I couldn't be happier with them!

I've been going a little crazy on charms right now. So I also have these!

Moooore charmsssss. The only two new ones here are Hitmonchan and Flareon. Hitmonchan comes from astron and Flareon comes from zannid! I'm awaiting more charms in the mail, as well! :D

Finally, let's look at everything in the Doof shelf, from left to right! :D

Flats and some figures! Also, some adorable drawings from people who've sold to me! The darling little Politoed/Bidoof drawing is by toedychan, as well as the absolutely AMAZING Dragonite/Bidoof drawing. I'm pretty sure this is about the cutest little thing I've ever seen :'D

Close up:


More flats, and tons more figures! Bidoof is on the Mystery Dungeon notepad in the background, but unfortunately, he's covered up by another Doof's butt xD

The middle view! Bipa, my Pokedoll, with his charm earring!

And finally, the right side, with Papa Doof, my Bibarel UFO!

Finally, I leave you all with a question! Being that Pikachu is the series mascot, and that he undoubtedly has the most amount of merchandise, do you feel a certain obligation to have pieces of him in your collections, even if you don't collect him?

I'm curious, because while I don't think of myself as thinking I have an obligation, I can't stop myself from feeling as though I've cheated on the franchise in some way if I don't have some Pika in my collection xD Of course, that's not why I bought the PIL keychain plushes; I just bought those because they're adorable! :D

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D
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