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A Wobbly Introduction :)

Hi everybody! My name is Whitney. First, I'm very new to LiveJournal and signed up just to join this amazing-looking group, so please excuse any rookie mistakes! I am SO happy to be here; I literally squeaked a little out loud when I saw my acceptance email! I have been a Pokemon fan since I was 6 or 7 years old and I saw a picture of a Pikachu on the back of my Lunchables. All these years later, at 22, I'm still just as obsessed.

I love so many Pokemon, but the one who holds the most special place in my heart is Wobbuffet. When I was a little girl, my best friend was my black lab, Bosco. We grew up together. When the new Pokemon episodes aired every Saturday morning (we had a special alarm that would play my copy of the 2 B A Master CD so we would wake up in time!) we would curl up in bed and watch them together.

I don't know what it was, but when the episode "Tricks of the Trade" first aired, I fell in love with Wobbuffet right off the bat because he somehow reminded me of Bosco. I can't really even pinpoint what it was, though they did share some similarities like always popping up right beneath your feet no matter if it was a good time or not ;) Bosco earned the nickname "Wobbuffet" and it stuck so much that even my parents would call him that.

My Wobba passed away when I was 12 years old, and there has been a hole in my heart since. In his memory, I collect every Wobbuffet-related piece of memorbilia I can find. My collection is small, but very dear to me. I had to sell most of my Pokemon-related things a few years ago for money reasons, but I wouldn't part with any of my Wobbuffets. Right now, I have a couple of small plushes, including a tiny one I always keep in my purse, and some cards. (I don't have a working digital camera, but I will soon take pictures of my collection and share what I do have with you guys in the next day or so, even if it’s by cell phone!)

Reading through the pages of this community, I had no idea there was so much Pokemon goodness in the world. If anyone has any Wobbuffet anything they are willing to sell, I am very much interested, though my budget right now is quite slim. My goal is to someday have every Wobbuffet-related thing ever made, it may be an impossible dream but it is mine nonetheless :)

I hope I did not ramble too much for my first post. Thank you all for reading and for creating such a great community for us forever Poke-people :)

- Whitney

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