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Eeveelution want + TCG sales + Shiny Mew Card


Today I bring you some wants and for TCG sales.


First things first:

Major want: gray Chou base (the one for my glaceon was lost during the move :/)

Second of all: eeveelution wants



1) Sales permission granted on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
2) Feedbacks: OLD and NEW
3) I ship from Canada from a dog/cat free ( I have a tortoise), smoke free home
4) I ship Worldwide (please refer to Canada Postage Guide for details)
5) I accept PayPal only
6) I will only hold an item for at most 24 hours
7) I am not responsible for lost/damaged item due to the postal service (I will be keeping receipts if a dispute is ever needed).
8) If you are concerned about insurance, please ask (just as a heads up, its EXPENSIVE in Canada)
9) All community auction rules apply

Canada Postage Guide

Below is a good estimate of what shipping costs would look like:

1) For cards:

If normal envelope (cards will be in a hard sleeve protector, and this option is good for as many as 25 cards)
Canada: $1       US: $1.5        International: $3
If bubble mailer (cards will be in a hard sleeve protector, this option is good for as many as 50 cards)
Canada: $2.5    US: $3.5        International: $5.5

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you are interested in a particular item, let me know and I will give you all of the options available so we can chose the best/cheapest shipping.


Starts at: $40
Bidding ends: Sunday, May 20th, 2012 10:00PM, countdown HERE
Condition: slight edge wear, and a small scratch on front.

*Open to trades for items pictured above :)

$1.5 each, all RH

$2 each, all holo (except espeon and umbreon ex sandstorm which are RH)

$4 each, $3 for the jungle vaporeon

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