Kassia9/ScarletPianoWires (kassia9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payment Reminder & Odd Want

Hey guys, I'm still missing payments from some of you for both the GAs I ran. For the zukan GA, midnitesilven, raikou_chan, and afrokid001, you can find your totals here: Baseless Zukan GA Totals and for the GA of Goodies, bellyofthewolf, aleyina, and pacificpikachu, you guys can find your totals here: GA of Goodies Totals. Please get these payments out as soon as you can because we can't pay for the auction without them!

Now for my want...it's a bit odd, but does anyone have blank tfg bases or zukan bases/pegs? I need two blank tfg bases and two brown two peg zukan bases. I'm not sure what pegs I might need, but pictures would help me decide =0w0= Please and thank you for any leads on these!
Tags: group auction, payments, wanted
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