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question, clearance sale and pokepics

first up is a question about this bulbasaur figure key chain my grampa gave me when I went to visit it has a soft bulb and is apparently is made by applause now my question is did applause make one for every plush they made , did they come with the plush and are they very rare?

Now for the pictures of the trip

now onto clearance sales
some are less tho
- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- I am not responsible for packages after I have shipped them
- 3 day maximum hold are available if you are 100% committed 
- payment expected asap
- no returns
My feedback
- granted sales permission on 20 DEC 2011 by entirelycliched
- prices are nogotiable
- trades for dragonite and family items accepted 

- I DO ship international 
First up is the Clear green marbles
Marowak 1$
Dewgong 2X 1$ each
Raichu 1$
Chansey 1$
Nidorena 1$
Arbok 1$
Doduo 1$
Dugtrio 1$

Now blue marbles
Seel 1$
Kabutops 2X 1$ each
Dugtrio 2X 1$ each
Shellder 2X 1$ each
Persian 1$
Weedle 1$

Light blue Marbles and 4th gen marbles
Cracked Raticate $0.50 or free with other Raticate marble
Magnemite 1$
Clefairy 1$
Clefable 1$
Weedle 1$
Buizel $0.50 or free with purchase of 3 marbles just ask for it (one per order)
Croagunk $0.50 or free with purchase of 3 marbles just ask for it (one per order)

Now Amber Marbles
Graveler 3X $1 each
Omanyte 1$
Spearow 1$
Geodude 1$
Venomoth 1$
Tentacool 1$

More Yellowy Amber Marbles
Metapod 2X 1$ each
Onix 1$
Sandshrew 1$
Wartortle 1$
Nidoqueen 1$
Nidoreno 1$
Magnemite 1$
Clefairy 1$

More amber marbles and a stray Green Goldeen
Goldeen 1$
Nidoran 1$
Mr.Mime 1$
Wartortle 1$

Clear/ yellowy clear
Arcanine 2X 1$ each
Pidgey  2X 1$ each
Golem 1$
Grimer 1$

More Clear / yellowy clear
Arcanine 2X 1$ each
Ponyta 2$
Wartortle 1$
Wigglytuff 1$
Jigglypuff 1$
Geodude 1$
Sandslash 1$
Magneton 1$

Peach colored clear
Magneton 1$
Abra 1$
Ponyta 2$
Fearow 2X 1$ each
Raticate 1$
Rattata 1$
Victreebel 1$
Seel 1$

3 Peach colored clear on top and 5 slightly smaller than normal sized marbles on bottom all 1$ each
Peach colored clear Sandshrew
Peach colored clear Tangela
Peach colored clear Muk
Mini Peach colored clear Rattata
Mini Clear Nidoran
Mini Amber Seel
Mini Green Weezing
Mini Light Blue Clefable 

Metalic Marbles
Jinx 2X 1$ each
Exeggutor 2X 1$ each
Persian 1$
Magikarp 1$
Kabutops 1$
Wigglytuff 1$
Spearow 1$

More Metalic Marbles
Dragonair 2X 1$ each
Gyarados 1$
Poliwrath 1$
Staryu 1$
Omastar 1$
Dratini Damaged 1$

Clear and Peach Clear Diglet
Peach Clear Diglet 1$
Golduck 2X 1$ each
Dodrio 1$
Rhyhorn 1$
Exeggcute 1$
Nidoran 1$
Koffing 1$
Nidoreno 1$

TFGs Starters and Zangoose 4$ each Ho-oh 5$
SOLD: Piplup, 

TFGs Starters 5$ and Eevee 7$ 
SOLD: Zangoose

Roller Figures 3$ each
SOLD: squirtle, Pikachu

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