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Sales! Zukan, TFG, Kids, Plush and more!


click for tcg sales

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2011
Old feedback is here: http://faderkid.livejournal.com/734.html
new feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/faderkid/

-I ship from the US, Ca
-Paypal only
-Please do not back out of purchase, negative feedback will be left. :(
-I require immediate payment
-I ship Worldwide
-All packages will have a tracking number to avoid dispute, please understand (except international orders, they will have the customs number which is proof of shipment)
-All packages will be carefully protected, due to the fragile nature of the TFGs/Zukans I will ship in a small box only.
-Haggling is ok! :)

Rare Pokemon Center Kyogre SP (Tested and fully functional!) (minor surface scratches, overall great condition) $100 OBO

gamestop cardboard display stands about 5 feet tall, great for plush display! $35 OBO (will be broken down and shipped in two separate packages) will get actual post office quotes for any who are interested.

All of these are Mint/NM I'm the first owner and they have been on display only

Nidoking Line Zukan $65 OBO
Fossil Line Zukan $35 OBO
Team Rocket Zukan $25 OBO
Castle Mew Zukan (Day)[Missing Pillar Spike] $25 OBO
Castle Mew Zukan (Night) [Missing Two Pillar Spikes] $25 OBO

The following are mint in package, reference image from Zukan Ranger

Rapidash Line Zukan $55 OBO

Raticate Line Zukan
Furret Line Zukan $25 OBO

Tauros Zukan $10 OBO
Yanma Zukan $10 OBO

Unown Zukan (OPGRSTU) $5

Movie Lucario Zukan (Standing) $25 OBO
Movie Lucario Zukan (Crouching) NOT PICTURED $25 OBO

Movie Weavile, Bonsly, Mime jr. Zukan $

Movie Registeel Zukan $7
Movie Regice Zukan $7
Movie Regirock Zukan $7

spinning bases available upon request (while supplies last) just specify black or white

first row:
darkrai $20 OBO
Flareon $100 OBO
Referee (reluctant to sell, please make offers and please do not be offended if i decline)
Suicune $20 OBO
Mighteyena $20 OBO
second row:
Latias $15 OBO
Latios $15 OBO
Clear Feraligatr $35 OBO
Raichu $15 OBO
Entei $15 OBO

first row:
snorlax $4
landon $7
yellow $7
tyranitar $5
second row:
pinsir $4
manaphy $4
tentacruel $3
diglet $3
tailow $3
thrid row:
seviper $4
hariyama $4
raticate $4
geodude $3 x2

Kyogre Chess Piece $7
Groudon Chess Piece $7
BOTH FOR $12!!

kids for size reference
Rare Banpresto Slot Machine Coin Bank Prize (NIB though box does have wear) $65 OBO

Minky US Release Suicune Pokedoll MWT $24 OBO
Minky US Release Entei Pokedoll MWT $24 OBO
Minky US Release Raikou Pokedoll MWT $24 OBO

Velboa US Release Flareon Pokedoll MWT $24 OBO

Rare Raichu Play by Play Plush Gameboy Holder $60 OBO

Front Row:
Messenger Dragonite Kid (paint rubs on horns and toes) $6
Prof. Oak Kid (slight wear) $5
Brock Kid (small mark on forehead, haven't tried removing it though it looks easily removable) $4
Tracy Kid (slight wear) $4
Second Row:
Magmortar Kid $1
Stantler Kid(Paint rub on nose) $0.50
Porygon Kid (Box included) $3
Clear Vaporeon Kid (slight wear) $4

Rare Tomy Jesse and James phone strap $15 OBO

Japanese Team Rocket TCG Gift box w/rule book (empty, has wear) $10 OBO
Chinese New Years Envelope with Dark Arbok $2

BK Gold Plated Pokeballs Complete w/ certificate of authenticity ALL ARE MINT IN PACKAGE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TOGEPI
$6 each or ALL FOR $25!!

BK toy lot ALL FOR $20!!

Pikachu Link Cable (New, Box has wear) $10
Pikachu Link Cable (Light use, Box has wear) $8
Tomy Electronic Snorlax $7

BW Pre-order Art Folio $7
Togekiss Custom Mini Tote Bag $5

Lot of Tomys Jakks and misc figures (some wear sold as-is will not separate) ALL FOR $10

I think these are booties ALL for $5

BW Mall tour plastic cards $1 x2
BW Mall tour Reshiram Pin $2
BW Mall tour Zekrom Pin $2
Dialga Diamond Version Target Pre-order card $5
Metal Pikachu Coin $1
Banpresto Zapdos Watch (not tested) $2
Pokeball Playing Cards with case $1
Ho-oh and Lugia Tissue packets $1 x2

Tags: aerodactyl, bonsly, darkrai, diglett, dragonite, entei, feraligatr, flareon, furret, geodude, groudon, hariyama, ho-oh, jigglypuff, kabutops, kyogre, latias, latios, lucario, lugia, magmortar, manaphy, meowth, mew, mewtwo, mightyena, mime jr., nidoking, nidoran, nidorino, omastar, people, pikachu, pinsir, poliwhirl, ponyta, porygon, raichu, raikou, rapidash, raticate, regice, regirock, registeel, reshiram, sales, sentret, seviper, snorlax, stantler, suicune, taillow, tauros, tentacruel, togekiss, togepi, tyranitar, unown, vaporeon, weavile, yanma, zapdos, zekrom, zukan
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