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Have you ever had one of those weeks. . .

Where EVERYTHING you've ordered has come in at the same time?!? In this super multi-purpose post I am including pictures of my new gets, pics of Big 'Ol Pika GA items, and very delayed Y!J sales for all! Oh, and just a quick tip for anyone new to shipping for Y!J lots. My box of Noppin lots arrived yesterday afternoon (almost 3 weeks via Air Mail) and the GA arrived this afternoon (3 days via EMS). Pretty sure I'll stick to EMS for everything from now on. The slight discount wasn't worth the wait time. :( 

Marill and Spritomb are from the GA, Cobalion and Virizion are from shiome! Soon they will be united with Terrakion who is on the way from Gin! 

Darkrai is from the Nasija GA by spideyroxas and the complete set of Eevee Tomys are brand new from a Y!J lot. ^_^

DX Darkrai and DX Cresselia kids are from the donny9. (Regular kids for size comparison.) The Darkrai in the middle is clear, along with the Marills. I got them all from Y!J! :D

MIP Marill Johto charms came from shiningmew's GA. The Team Dark sleeve is from echizenakira, Azurill pin from espie, pan stickers from Y!J, and the Darkrai can badge is from the Nasija GA. 

Azurill tin from donny9, Cresselia can badge from Nasija GA. All the Mudkip items came from a Mudkip collector on Y!J. I split the lot up with kephisos. You can see the rest of the items on my photobucket (if you can ignore all my old random pics. XD) If you're a Kip collector CHECK IT OUT. There is amazing stuff there!

And I kept all these kids from Y!J. I have a slight obsession with getting one figure of each pokemon out there. >_>

Original Post
Original Auction 

Participantsakeyma bandanna_boy_17
dinomuffinbot eilidhm5559 elisha1288
firevie jenksss jr890 kingwillko
methuselah3101 em_lemon
sakenichi sanatonya shinji_wolf 
shirohikarikaze silverbuizel sorjei
tewzi tufails

Payment Instructions:
  • View the spreadsheet here!
  • Send payment to godudette@gmail.com if you do not want to add any sales items!
  • Include your username and Big Ol' Pika GA in the memo!
  • Comment here once you've sent payment!

Comparisons of DX pokedolls with regular pokedolls. 
kingwillko let me know where you want Palkia shipped to!

These plush all came with hang tags! :D

All plush have tush tags. Emboar has his hang tag!

Just hang tags! Pikachu and Sableye come with their keychains. ^_^

Both have hang and tush tags. <3

Sales Information:

  • I was granted sales permission by denkimouse on March 10, 2011. 
  • I ship from the US and will ship internationally. Shipping for flats starts at $1.00 within the US, $1.50 international. Shipping for larger items starts at $2.50 within the US, $3.50 international. I ship within 1-3 business days.
  • I only accept Paypal. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your total or the items will be available to anyone.
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Please ask for tracking or insurance if you need it!
  • Community feedback is located here. <3 I may trade for items on my wishlist
  • Haggling is okay if you purchase multiple items but please be reasonable. ^_^
  • IMPORTANT!! You must state whether you are definitely purchasing the items or asking for a quote. Asking for a quote does not reserve the items for you! 

All pan stickers: $1
Sold: Heatran, Tepig

All pan stickers: $1
Sold: Skymin, Pachirisu, Emolga, Turtwig, Aipom

All pan stickers: .75 cents
Sold: Pikachu, Turtwig

DX Arceus; $12
Regular Arceus, Celebi: $8
Other plush: $3

Pansage, Dewott, Deerling: $5
All Others: $3
Sold: Gothita, Cleffa

Fire/Electric Type Focus Spa Bag: $30 shipped if you're in the US- ask for international!
Pika bag: $3
Pika New York Pokemon Center postcard; $2
DS skins: .25 cents
Sold: NYC Pika postcard, Cyrus DS skin

Giratina/Shaymin movie book: $2
Jumbo TCGs: $1
Marill book, Celebi foamie: .25 cents
Giratina/Shaymin brand new DS case and stylus: $3
Snivy stylus and Tentacool Johto charm: $1

Pan sticker books: $8
Both Sold!

Poster: .50 cents

Poster: .25 cents

JP Pokecen bags: .50 cents

Large Mudkip bandana/cloth (?) - $10
Marill pokedoll for size reference

MIP Mudkip water squirter: $1 Sold!
Custom stamps by me: $6

Calendar: $2

Mew: $3
Other clear kids: $2
Sold: Both Nidokings, 1 Porygon

Flareon: $5
Charmeleon: $2
Vulpix: $3
Sold: All Vulpixes, 1 Flareon

Eevee: $3
Everyone else: $2

Everyone: $2
Sold: Breloom

Everyone: $2

Vaporeon: $5
Others: $2
Sold: Blastoise and 1 Wartortle

All: $2
Sold: 1 Ivysaur

All: $2
Sold: Pikachu

Jolteon: $5
Sandshrew: $2
Sold: 1 Jolteon

DX Mewtwo,Clear Mime Jr and Mew: $2
Others: $1

Jolteon: $3 Sold!
Others: $1
Sold: Meowth, Jolteon, Pikachu, Weepinbell

All: $1
Sold: Smeargle, Heatran

All: $1

Umbreon: $5
Houndoom and Luxio: $2
Others: $1
Sold: Dusknoir, Houndoom

All: $1
Sold: Infernape

All: $1
Sorry for crappy photo. All are in great condition!

DX Lucario: $2
Others: $1
Sold: Both Lugias, both $1 Lucarios

All: $1
Sold: Gyrados, Suicune

Vaporeon: $5
Others: $1

Everything: .50 cents
Sold: Mewtwo postcard, 1 lenticular sticker sheet, yellow sticker sheet

Sunkern: .25 cents
Other stuff is free
Gone: TCG thing

Thanks for looking! <3

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