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A collection update of sorts...

I've been meaning to do this for ages but I just keep forget-I mean, not having the time to do it! Yes, that's what I was going to say. Haha, ha, ha...

Anyway, enough with that. =p I present to you guys my uh... Collection update. Kind of.

Kind of because I'm not going to show you guys any new additions exactly. What I am going to do is show how it looks right now, because it's been reorganized. And more things were added, but we won't be getting into detail because it's been so long since the last update that I'd take ages showing every new thing. These photos may also be sliiiiightly out of date because I may have forgotten to put stuff in display or something, I don't remember anymore but I remember I had changed something after taking them. Nothing significant I'm sure.

So uhm... This is my collection. Or most of it. As you can see, it's still in the glass cabinet. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fit in my new pokedolls (and some jakks) from my trip to the US D: These are hanging out in a bag near my bed, so you won't be seeing them, sorry~

Bottom shelf! As usual, not-so-main-collections hang out here. The difference is that now rather than having a bunch of stuff I don't really collect along, I've picked only the collections big enough to show off to display. Everything else is in a neat little box, waiting for me to have more display room. So this shelf contains my vees, Phanpys, some Vulpixes because I thought it was appropriate, given my new custom plush, Doduos, Deerlings (still a small collection, but I plan to work on it), Ralts line, Omanytes and Joltiks (which I also intend to enlarge with time). Also a couple of Marina stuff hiding in a corner.

Close-up time!

Now for the second shelf~

Which as you can see has been taken over by the color blue.
This one now contains my Torchics (ah, poor babies hiding in a corner!), Suicunes, Laprases and Dratini/Dragonair stuff.


And now, for the most important shelf... The first shelf!

The best thing about this reorganization, or rather, the point of it, is that I was able to spread my main collection along a whole shelf rather than having them squished in a corner. I'm loving how it looks now!

Close-ups again!

Also a quick look at the plushie shelf.

Squish squish! Poor things definitely need more room! Not to mention those that couldn't even be on display!

And this baby is hanging out with the other stuff because I couldn't just squish such an expensive plush with the rest, haha. I'm too paranoid (and I couldn't find a good angle shut up), so she hangs out with Jack Skellington.

Mmkay so uhm, that's it basically! I really like how it turned out, and there's still plenty of room so as I get more stuff for my collections I can just squish the items together a bit more to fit, specially knowing just how squished they were before, shouldn't be a problem. 8D

Hope you guys liked it! Thank you very much for reading. =)

Oh! And while you're here, perhaps you'd like to read about Tapi's adventure in the US? This is a (very long!) travel-journal-photostory-thing about Tapi in NY and Orlando. It's crazy long, but maybe you'll find it cute?
Tapi's Great Adventure: Going International!
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